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Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Correct Knowledge Affords Us Proper Understanding

What would God do,

if He was me or you?

Well, this is complete speculation,

but I strongly believe He’d defend Himself without hesitation.

By no means am I promoting violence,

but I have to promote something when peace is ignored as if it’s absolute silence.

For things to change,

we have to be willing to rearrange.

The thoughts on our brain,

unity will end their game, cancelled, due to a heavy reign.

Let me repeat that last line: For things to change,

we have to be willing to rearrange.

The thoughts on our brain,

unity will end their game, cancelled, due to a heavy reign.

Be sure to watch the following video to the very end before you continue reading.

The plan from day one has been to control every aspect of human life. I realized this fact a while ago, actually, it occurred once I stopped looking at the Matrix trilogy from an entertainment purpose only and incorporated the encouragement and enlightenment portions of my three (3) E formula.

The video spotlighted more of what I’ve been believing for years, which is our independence is under heavy attack.

The Stansberry Research Group seems too good to be true, and we all should know what’s said about that. Is it because the said group is overseen by a caring man that it’s allowed to expose so many things that usually have a person meeting with an unfortunate murder or is it because the founder is heavily connected with the “powers that be,” who literally control every aspect of financial power?

Groups or individuals that are allowed to operate in ways that seem contrary to the governments have permission from powers more powerful than the said government. We have to know that the “powers that be” understand everything there is to know about the Stansberry Research Group, hell, they’re probably the creators of the said group. We must never lose sight of the fact that we’re dealing with some diabolical thinkers, who are extremely intelligent. Remember, the bottom line is to control every aspect of human life. They create a condition, and then, create a seeming solution to the said condition. Either or if we’re not apart of the “big table” we’ll be under their total control.

Truthfully, there’s no escape, because we don’t understand what’s really going on because the misconception is their greatest tool. Everything that’s beyond our control is controlled by one group of people, with the majority of power being governed by one family. The said family is the cause of damn never everything negative in the world, and, is responsible for the seemingly “positive” solutions to the said negative problems as well.

Remember, the primary objective is to control every aspect of human life. Never trust any “person” or “group of people” that openly speak negatively about the government because they’ve been granted permission to do so, by powers that oversee the government. They come looking like saviors but all the while, they’re actually apart of the problem, more like the equivalent to the said problem. The “powers that be” play an icy game, one they’ve been experts at for hundreds of years. Likened to the “good cop” “bad cop” routine used to gain control of what’s desired,” but on a whole other level. If it seems to good to be true, especially on a grand scale such as this, it’s the work of the “powers that be,” guaranteed.

Don’t trust anyone who speaks so openly about what the government is doing because they’ve been handed a well-crafted script to read, created by ones who over-see everything where absolute power is concerned. The “powers that be” keep what they don’t want known secret, so what this group is claiming to offer is what the said “powers that be” authorized.

Classic misdirection to keep people focused off the bigger picture of controlling every aspect of human life. We can run from the problem, but we’ll only end up in a solution that’s no better because everything evolves around one objective…absolute control of human life.

Thank you for reading my words. I hope they assist you in a positive manner.

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