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Let It Go

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Don’t Be A Victim Of Past Pain

I’m quite sure that most of us have heard that old saying, “hurt people hurt people,” and for those who hadn’t heard of it, well, now you have. But here’s a new saying, which I just thought of and that’s relevant to this subject matter, “hurt people who hurt people hurt themselves more than they heal.”

When we’re hurting we want others to feel what we’re feeling and sometimes, it’s people who aren’t responsible for our initial pain. Many great relationships have come to a bitter end and due to how we were treated by others, old pain creating new problems. I was once a victim of past pain and until I forgave myself for holding on to it, it was hindering my forward progress.

Having been bullied when I was younger made me feel as if I was somehow wrong. So, I had made up in my mind that once I got older, I’d never be regarded as wrong again. Because of my past pain, I became stubborn and this caused me to be regarded as a toxic individual. I had to let go of my past pain by forgiving myself for holding on to it for so long. We had no control over the actions of others from our past, but we can change how the said actions left us feeling via forgiving ourselves for holding on to the said feeling for so long.

At times we find it easier to forgive others than to forgive ourselves, but is it really forgiveness we offer? We can’t give what we don’t have. If forgiveness doesn’t reside in our hearts, what we offer others is just a shell of what it should be.

When due to someone else’s selfishness we don’t correctly know something, there’s no way we can reach a proper understanding. Once we do correctly know and properly understand we tend to look back on when we didn’t, with shameful eyes. We punish ourselves for something we had no control of. It wasn’t our fault for the actions of others, so, we shouldn’t feel guilty for the results the said actions produced. We can only be held accountable for negative actions when we properly understand but act as if we don’t, in this instance, we’ll be one hundred percent to blame.

It’s time we forgive ourselves for holding on to past pains for far too long.

Thank you for donating minutes of your precious time to reading my words. I hope the investment will afford you a hefty return you can put towards accomplishing a present or not so distant future endeavor.

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