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Karma Is Real

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Earth Was Once A Clean Place To Live, That Is Until The Greed Of Man Changed Everything

Earth needed a break from us, so it welcomed in the Coronavirus.

We’re supposed to be the smartest forms of life on this planet, but we can’t seem to comprehend that we work better together. Karma is real. When those who have, take from those who have not, this comes back around tenfold. When the greedy lose for stealing from the less fortunate, they turn around to take more, and then they suffer more. Why can’t these geniuses see that their selfishness is the problem?

Universal Law is genuine; we can’t keep doing people wrong and not expect to suffer a consequence; this also goes for this planet, especially goes for this planet. Look at all that we’ve done to Earth, our only home, yet we play it as if it’s somewhere we’re just visiting for the weekend. Maybe this virus is karma coming around to give us back what we’ve given Earth for hundreds, of thousands of years, which is unhealthiness.

How can we create unhealthy conditions, and expect not to be affected by them eventually? Relationships, environments, our water supplies. It’s us that have contaminated things, why can’t we see this? Yes, the world needed a well-deserved break from us. Hopefully, as the planet is busy healing itself, we’ll follow its lead. When this lesson is over, may we all show that we received a passing grade by doing better, let’s not allow all the lives that were lost to have been in vain. We just can’t go back to the way we were after a month or two or three; we just can’t. We. Just. Can’t.

Earth was sick-as well as tired-of us not taking care of it, so it decided to run us in the house so it could take care of itself. I believe in cause and effect; things just don’t happen for no apparent reason; actually, they happen for a specific purpose. Earth needed a break from us so it could heal because it wasn’t created filthy; we made it this way. It finally realized it couldn’t depend on us to help it get better, not in the state we were in that is. Just my humble opinion, mind you.

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