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Just Because We Think Highly Of Ourselves, Doesn't Mean Others Are Obligated To

Helping Others To Succeed Is A Sure Fired Way To Have Our Opinions More Than Matter

Our opinions are deemed as helpful advice once they have been helpful, and, on more than two occasions. When we help others to accomplish a goal, this plants a seed in their minds, which is watered by the thought of the assistance. When another project arises, we are one of the first people they think of, seeing that we helped them to achieve success the previous time. If we happen to help produce the same result again, there will be little doubt in the individual’s mind that we’ll be involved in every other project moving forward.

It’s never about what we say we’re going to do or what we could make happen if, given the chance that makes people believers, it’s all about helping to produce the desired result. When we help make a thought a reality, there’s no disputing that, and if we do it enough times, whatever we say will now be considered golden in the mind of the person or people.

So now You understand my take on opinions, I listen to them all but all of them, I don’t take as seriously as others. My conclusions are a result of logic and reason; if I see the logic in the reason, I’m most definitely moving forward on it. Countless opinions of others have helped to reprogram my thought process; I move so much more differently because of said opinions. When an opinion can change the way we live our life, it’s no longer an opinion, it’s helpful advice, that we’ll gladly pass along with pleasure. Not saying that what it did for us will bring about the same result for others, but to not share it will most definitely ensure that it won’t — food for thought.

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