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Imagination Is Far From Exaggeration

A poem

Photo courtesy of the author, Henery X

Imagine there's no countries. It isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for. And no religion, too. Imagine all the people, living life in peace.... - snippet from the song Imagine, by John Lennon

Imagination Is Far From Exaggeration

2023, Henery X ©

I write, rap, and produce

Only trees in Florida possess more juice

Than this Michigan Made Man

I’m attempting to squeeze a million dollars from a hundred grand

I know, helluva pen game

WritePath my pen name

And my pen game

For no games

All I write is fire so you can call me the eternal flame

The way I play with words

I’m willing to bet my life it’s a way you’ve never heard

Because when it comes to me originality is preferred

I fight hard to stand out

Find the unbeaten path and then booby trap the route

See, admiration

Shouldn’t include emulation

Seeing that the imagination

Is far from exaggeration

You just need to start trusting the thoughts you think

Seeing the thoughts you think

Will ensure you’ll either swim or sink

Everyday we all stand on the brink—

Of greatness

But the average person hesitates

To take that leap of faith

And out of fear of the unknown

But my only fear is being empty handed when I return home

So I dive head first

Praying for the best, and never being concerned about the worst

See, I’m motivated by an unquenchable thirst

To outdo what I’ve already done

Competition is none

Because you're like the Moon and I'm like the Sun

In other words, in due time

We'll both shine

And I don't have a problem with being at the front or the back of the line

See, self-improvement

Is the make of my movement

So when others see me

They’ll see all they can be

And begin to set themselves free

From the mindset of society

Imagination should be used, not to escape reality, but to create it.-Colin Wilson

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