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If I Were A Poem

A poem

This is my response to a writing prompt that has taken the Instagram and Clubhouse platforms by storm. I’ve never seen a writing prompt motivate so many writers to take part in it. If you decide to take part, you have my permission to tag me in your offering. Remember. I’m a reader before I’m a writer, so I’d love to read what you write and share. Let’s go, family!!!!!!!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

It’s a new year, but the only thing that has changed is my enthusiasm to outdo what I’ve already done. It’s stronger than ever.-Henery X

If I Were A Poem

2024, Henery X ©

If I Were A Poem, I’d help push people past poverty and into prosperity. Prescribing patience so peace will patronize every portion of the physical. I’d packed so many punchlines that I’d help beat procrastination out of every person who peeps my poet’s penmanship.

If I Were A Poem, I’d be so outstanding that others would begin to operate on another level. I’d help to open up closed minds so people could overcome obstacles that only exist because they refuse to obey the phrase, “do what you feel.” I’d be like oxygen, helping people to breathe easy. As they stop allowing doubt to overshadow destiny. I’d be an obligation obsessed with helping to obliterate obsessions opposite of obtaining noteworthy opportunities.

If I Were A Poem, I’d encourage, enlighten, and entertain every entity on Earth. I’d help people embark on epic adventures where efforts will involve more mental and less physical energy. Employees will become entrepreneurs after I entice them with enthusiastic lines that will echo everything excellent. Other poems wouldn’t envy or emulate me, they’d evolve because of me. Evidence that eventually each one of us evokes others to exchange excuses for efficient means to elude embarrassing episodes.

If I Were A Poem, I’d be like a magician as I make misery disappear and memorable moments appear in its place. I’d be so magnificent that mentors would recite me to their mentees, who will marvel at my majestic means of helping them to make money. I’d help people to realize that the journey of success is a marathon, and that only those who master maturity will cross the finish line. I’d help people to realize what should matter the most, as well as what should never matter. I’d make being a maverick mandatory and being mediocre microscopic.

If you haven’t figured it out by now that this is an alliteration for the word poem, well — now you know.


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