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If I Wasn’t A Writer…

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

I’d Be….

At first, my answer was going to be cut and dry but I thought about it, and concluded, that’s not going to fly.

By now everyone I’ve connected with on Medium, and via networking, know the story of how I went from six months to prove myself an asset at a company, to end up the employee of the year. If it doesn’t sound familiar to you, go to my page and you’ll see it’s the second story. The reason why I made mention of the employment story is that it ties into this one.

I thought to own my own T-shirt company was my destiny, at one point and time, it was all I thought about.

One day I had a vision where individuals were wearing T-shirts I designed, the vision was so clear that I took it as a sign to take action.

I shared my vision with my wife, who thought it was a great idea, so, we decided to make it happen. We began by researching everything relevant to the cause. Our findings revealed various companies that would be helpful, it was all so exciting.

We began to create a business plan, and after a thorough search, we paid for our business name, “Tees That Rule,” which was my wife’s idea. I came up with the two catchphrases, “Shirts’ Designed To Have Folks Talking,” and “Why Fit In; When You Were Born To Stand Out.”

The objective was to create positive quotes and sayings. Have the T-shirts be billboards for good vibes. So, I began to create all the images that would eventually appear on our shirts, this wasn’t difficult, because I was already posting similar stuff on Facebook every a.m.

Ten months after being at my job, we were ready to sell our first T-shirt. I began saving potions of my paycheck three months after I began working at my job, plus my wife invested as well. We purchased a heat press machine, a vinyl cutter, blank T-shirts, and a number of other necessities to make the business complete. Naturally, we both wore a number of hats, seeing we couldn’t afford to pay anyone to assist us, but it was alright because this effort was for our greater good.

Long story about to get way shorter

We had good success pertaining to the company we created but seeing that it wasn’t my destiny, things weren’t as good as they could have been. I would grow to realize that it was all just to show me that living a dream could be done. This was God at work, He needed me to understand what it takes to live a dream so when it came time to write Positive Energy 24/7, I wouldn’t have any doubt that it would be made manifest.

In the midst of writing my first book, It Was Destine…Urban Legend, which would end up being my second book, I lost that loving feeling I once had for it, completely. God replaced said feeling with that of a book I never thought of writing, Positive Energy 24/7. The first chapter of Positive Energy 24/7 is made up of the quotes I said I was posting on Facebook. After the first chapter was complete, the rest of the book began to come together as if by magic, at no point in time did I ever ponder about nothing in this book. A few seconds after I held a copy of Positive Energy 24/7 in my hand, I realized that writing was my purpose. I finished It Was Destined…Urban Legend and I’ve been writing ever since.

My “why” when I write is to awaken or accelerate the greatness within the reader. My “what” that makes my “why” relevant is pieces created to encourage, enlighten, and entertain.

A number of great things were gained from the now-dissolved T-shirt company, Tees That Rule, one such thing was a countless amount of T-shirts we created for ourselves, two such T-shirts can be seen to the left, along with my two self-published books.

Well, there you have it, Michele Thill and Ksenia Sein, if I wasn’t a writer, I'd be a T-shirt designer. I love both of you.

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