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I Told You So

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Just A Typical Day In The Life Of….

Monday: “Hey, buddy.”

Lower Self: “Not you again. What do you want?”

Monday: “I’m here to offer you an excellent opportunity. One that so many usually decline.”

Lower Self: “I’m good.”

Monday: “Don’t you at least want to hear what I offer before you make such a hasty decision?”

Lower Self: You’re Monday. What good could you possibly offer?”

Monday: “Well, I’ve never been so disrespected in my entire life.”

Lower Self: “Man, please, you’re the most disrespected day of the week,” he walked down the street, laughing.

Monday walked over to a coffee shop and went in. He walked up to a booth and then sat down. Sitting across from him was a beautiful woman, who was smiling uncontrollably at him.

Monday: “Success, not one person even wanted to hear what I had to say.”

Success chuckled: “I told you so. So many despise you because, in their minds, you represent the end of relaxation; and the beginning of a new workweek.”

Monday: “But I’ve introduced many people to you, people, who are now their bosses because of it.”

Success: “This is a fact I’m well aware of, my friend. Everyone isn’t ready for everything, and unfortunately for some, they’ll only be satisfied with what they have. All you’re expected to do is keep offering the opportunity, Monday.”

Monday: “Yes, Ma’am. Well, some good comes out of the missed opportunities of others.”

Success: “Really? Please elaborate.”

Monday: “I get to enjoy the pleasure of your company,” they both laughed.

Moral of the story: Don’t follow trends, set the trends to follow. Every second above ground is a blessing, so we should show our appreciation by never taking one for granted. Though the opportunity to succeed is everywhere, it’s never more present anywhere else than it is on Monday. Monday is the perfect opportunity to show up and show out; because so many aren’t trying to show out; because they weren’t even trying to show up.

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