• Henery X (long)

How I Went From Six Months To Prove Myself An Asset, To Becoming The Employee Of The Year

A Step By Step Means To Be Successful In All Aspects Of Life

Note: All the bold printed areas are what I believe to be of most significance.

In 2012 I was unemployed and just moving through life full of promise and in search of the opportunity, that would change my life for the better.

“Every Moment Has It’s Time”

One sunny summer afternoon in Detroit, Michigan I was on my way downtown and to the River Walk, which was something I did quite often. It was something about being so close to so much water, it made my thinking ever so clear. By means of getting to my destination started out as taking the bus, but seeing that it was such a nice day, and it was less than two miles to arrive at my destination, I decided to walk.

Halfway to my destination, I came across a friend I hadn’t seen in years. He was apart of a work crew that was picking up debris that had been so thoughtlessly disregarded, by inconsiderate individuals. After we got the pleasantries out of the way, I asked him about how he obtained his job. He gave me all the info, along with his phone number, which I quickly placed in my cellphone. We said our goodbyes, he got back to work, and I proceeded to move towards my desired destination, so happy that I decided to walk, instead of catching the bus.

“Sounds Easy Enough”

The next day, I called the number to the place my friend gave me, and that he said was responsible for his employment. I was asked to come to a location that just so happened to be five blocks away from where I was living at the time, I couldn’t believe the convenience of this opportunity. When I arrived at my destination I was asked to sign in and then go sit-in an area, that had eight other guys there. After thirty minutes a casually dressed man came over and asked us to follow him, which we all did. He led us to a room that was equipped with tables, chairs, and a blackboard. After we were all seated he told us his name and then asked us to introduce ourselves, one at a time. After everyone made themselves known, he told us what was expected of us. We had to basically show that we were serious about being employed, long term, and it began by being committed to this portion of the process.

The first step in the eight-day process was being on time. Our instructor made it his business to always stress the importance of time, so much so that he used to say this quote, which would eventually change the way I once moved forever: “To be early, is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. And to be late is unacceptable.” In addition to learning the importance of time, we were also taught: how to create an appealing resume, how to dress for an interview, how to conduct ourselves during an interview, and basic computer skills, amongst other things.

After the eight days were up, we were told that we’d be contacted when job opportunities became available. We all thanked our instructor for the opportunity, as well as for sharing his wisdom. We all exchanged numbers, and then parted ways, all full of hope that we’d be employed sooner than later.

“Walk By Faith, Not By Sight”

Three days the first portion of the process I received a call from the instructor, he asked if I could come to see him, and I told him that I could. Once I made it to his office he informed me that there was a position at a recycling company that needed to be filled. He went on to say that the work wasn’t easy and that it would leave me tired and filthy, each and every day. He also told me that because of the two aforementioned things associated with the job, no one he sent to the company had lasted an entire month. I ensured him that I would be the exception to that rule, and due primarily to show my appreciation for his time invested in me. He gave me all the information, we shook hands and bidding one another a fond farewell.

The next day I showed up at the company, which was forty-five minutes away from where I lived at th