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Heart On Hold

I Need To Feel That It’s Real

If I gave you the chance/to dance. With my soul/would you follow my lead or attempt to take control? This is a question I need an honest answer to/because my mental clarity is much more important than your physical view. What’s said could be a scheme/but what’s done is the real thing, or so it may seem. Because at times, actions can conceal hidden agendas so well/what can appear to be heaven, could be the personification of hell. I want to move forward with you, but I’d rather stand still/than to end up with a deal. That turns out to be too good to be true/before I fly, I reflect on when I once flew. Oh so high/beyond the clouds in the sky/with one I thought I’d be with until the day that I die. But the thought of unconditional love turned out to be betrayal/and I’m still trying to recover from pain-I sustained when she left, and I fell. So, pardon my hesitancy/, but you see/I don’t know you as I know me. I need more than time/I need a reason to search to find/why I should even consider having you be much more than just a thought on my mind.

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