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Greatness Never Dies

A poem

Image courtesy of author, Henery X. Paying homage to the city I love, and to all those who love my city.

How do we ensure we won’t get lost in the shadow of a legend? We must become legends ourselves.-Henery X

Greatness Never Dies

2022, Henery X ©

You’re greater than you know

What you show

Is just the tip of the ice berg

Wait until they get a load of what you haven’t shown

Guaranteed you’ll leave their minds blown

Remember. It’s a process

Never second guess

The perfection cloaked in your flesh

When you set your mind

To design



What can stop such a drive that’s driven?

To not only survive, but to live as well

Be the story the world tells

With delight

An illuminating light

To be seen

By all others who dream

So they may overstand it’s not as difficult as it seems

Come on!!!!!!!!

Shine so bright

That doubt will be left without sight

To see a way

To discourage another day

A magnificent manifestation

Of the best of creation

Make your move and ensure your motion

Will be like waves in an angry ocean

Shock and shake up the world because you’re a force to be reckoned with

Just look around to see the truth

Greatness never dies, and all those living life is the proof

We find ourselves by losing ourselves in self-discovery.-Henery X

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