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God's Perspective

The Master’s Mind

The purpose of the dark is so that we’ll adequately appreciate the light we all claim to love so much. If there were only light, we’d eventually grow to neglect/despise its presence. The same holds with everything else, there has to be a balance, or there will be an imbalance, like with the times we’re living in right now.

Hate was once tipping the scale because love was hiding in its shadow; what we’re experiences now is love stepping into the light. Love is doing its best to balance things out, and thanks to hate, it’s doing an excellent job. But just as love is making its presence known, hate is doing its best to ensure its presence won’t be overshadowed. Hate makes love so much more appreciated; it allows us to see/feel the alternative; we need to be reminded of what we can expect when we fall short of showing love.

Like love, hate is never going anywhere because like some are born to love, others are born to hate. Like everything has an opposite side, so to does humanity. We all serve a specific purpose; some are meant to be a light, while others are intended to dwell in the dark. The dualities of life are not good versus evil, but just a way of maintaining balance from the Highest Power’s perspective.

Whoa. Wait. Would a just God allow hatred to exist when He could quickly stop it from occurring, and by merely ensuring that it doesn’t exist? When things go wrong, so many of us are quick to point a finger outward, when more often than not, it should be pointed inward.

The primary purpose of free will is so that we’ll willingly desire to do the will of God, who never wants to force us to do anything, including obeying His commands. He has given us clear instructions to follow and that can be found in His word. But due to the ego, we tend to go against the word of God. Our defiance is due to several reasons, but the one at the top of the list is that some of us are not meant to obey the word of God.

I know that saying some of us are not meant to obey the word of God is a bitter pill to swallow, but the actions of some of us right now should make the necessity easier. Murder, hatred, and greed are all against everything the word of God represents, are they not? When we practice these acts, we do so of our own free will, which is the same free will that allows us not to participate in such inhumane activities. So, we’re back where we started, which is the purpose of duality. We who do right need to see/feel what happens if we decide to do wrong by having injustice played out right before our eyes. We all need to experience first hand what both sides of the coin bring about, so like we all can’t be for the wrong thing, neither can we all be for the right thing. We can hope and pray that others will align their way of think with ours, but if it’s not meant to be, our hopes won’t have a prayer.

If nothing happens without the permission of God, would this mean that He intentionally made it where we’d desire to go against His words?

Thank you for taking the time and donating it to reading my words. May your success continue to exceed your highest expectations.

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