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From The Ashes Of Despair, Rose The Prophet of Prosperity

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

What if we were all like Gift Anderson?

Ever since he could remember, 20-year-old Gift Anderson has been homeless. Someone killed his father when he was two-years-old. And his mother passed away on his fifteenth birthday. All he has ever known in his short time of existence and outside of being homeless is that his mother loved him like nothing else known and he loved her... just as much as he loved to write.

His mom named him “Gift” because she deemed him her gift from God. Little did she know he would soon be recognized as a gift to the world... by the world.

Since he was a baby, everyone who came in contact with Gift fell in love with him. Never once had he ever complained or cried, not even after the doctor tapped him on his little bottom. He wiggled a bit to let them know he was alive.

Gift was a source of comfort for so many because every time he spoke, it was with a gentle calmness and his words... were always encouraging.

Even though he was in a worse place than most, he always regarded himself as blessed and made others feel the same way... regardless of what they were going through. And for his willingness to be a light amid the darkness, all around him ensured he never wanted for food or drink.

Since the age of nine, Gift wrote his thoughts. He had hundreds of notebooks filled with his style of inspiration. He allowed any and everyone who wanted to read his writing to do so, and all who had... it forever transformed them.

One day, as fortune would have it, a 22-year-old female journalist came strolling through the area where Gift called home for many years. She was researching why people ended up homeless because she wanted to help by writing a story that would bring attention to this unfortunate situation. While speaking with an older woman, she was made aware of Gift. Her curiosity was more than piqued. She had to meet this special young man she heard such great things about.

After thirty minutes of speaking with Gift, the young journalist concluded he would solve the homeless problem not only where he was, but throughout the world as well.

She got permission from Gift to take his notebooks filled with his thoughts so she could begin transforming them into a book. She also offered Gift room and board at her home. But he declined her offer, having said his place was with the people who needed him the most. The journalist fell in love with the young man, who she deemed the second coming of Christ.

A year and a half after having met Gift, the journalist finished the book which she entitled,

“The Gift From God To The World.” The book in question would become a bestseller and Gift would become known throughout the world. He became so wealthy that doing without... would never be an issue again.

Not only did Gift change the conditions of all those who knew him well, but he also changed the conditions of all those who found themselves homeless as well.

Though he had enough to buy a mansion and dress in the finest fashions, Gift lived a common life. He drew on need and not want because he became accustomed to doing just that. His primary aim was to help change as many lives as he could with the wealth his writing afforded him.

God allowed Gift to experience homelessness from the inside so he would know exactly what to do about it... once he was on the outside.

What no one ever knew about Gift, not even his beloved mother, is that he spoke with God all the time... within his mind. He’d silently ask Him for guidance and it always led him to putting the needs of others... above his own. His willingness to sacrifice was rewarded beyond his wildest imagination.

Until the end of his life, putting the needs of others above his own was Gift’s motto. In fact, after his death, his will was read, and it gave explicit instructions that his fortune would forever combat homelessness. And thanks to the young journalist who became his wife, The Gift Foundation would ensure they honored his last wish forever.

This is a story of fiction, but anyone who writes knows that fiction is often influenced by a strong desire to bring about reality.

We all have the Gift to combat homelessness. It’s called Love. Love... solves all problems.

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