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Four Of A Kind, A Epic Collaboration

Ah, another fantastic four Superpowers of words To transfer thoughts of the mind to the pen Dropping madness, Then doing it again. Kaboom!! It's no rhyme or reason, Words left behind makes it seem like we  committed treason. Can't stop us Loco-manics Crazy for this pen Tag team like wrestle-mania Not afraid to get in this ring I'm going to let the next contender Show what they can bring... @poeticc_serenityy_ . Check it out: I'm one-fourth of the whole/that's about to strike gold/with the greatest story never told. Four different pieces, but our Love of writing makes us all one and the same/to sustain/we share what we gain/forever linked together, the ultimate chain/always down to encourage, enlighten, and entertain. Two brothers, two sisters, and four different mothers/but we represent family like no others. I'm the air, the wings/the god, the king/the aforementioned Love affair is far from a fling/like Coca-Cola, it's the real thing. When I put the pen in my hand/it's like I'm transported to an enchanted land/where only creativity allows You to understand. The sights and sounds/verbs, adjectives, and pronouns/are apart of pieces that astound/some say I'm lost, and I say I hope that I'm never found. Mister Writepath/the creator of the unforgettable paragraphs/no matter how You do the math/it's always going to equate to the fact, that I'm a one-man staff. That is until I connect with my connections/then we're the ultimate power source, demonstrating the results of following the right directions/despite our many imperfections. Four minds, one thought/teach what we were taught/with the hopes that others will catch what we caught. Which is that Lovebug/for the craft that's like a strong drug/from us to You, this is like a big hug.  @writepath247 . It is said that there is strength in numbers and powerful manifestation when like-minded individuals unite And here we are, 4 of a Kind With wordplay to set your soul alight I’ve been BLESSED to make your acquaintance I VISUALIZE greatness in our SERENE, guided PATH There’s a message that we must convey to the world- There are stories our hands must write. From four corners of the world, We have 4 vantage points and 4 perceptions But anytime our words collide It’s fire from inception’s conception... Black Excellence reigns here, There’s clearly no exception Looking forward to sharing my story And finding normalcy in our aberration. @blessedserenity _ . The circle's been formed I linked with a team.of.writers.elevating.righteously. We the towers who won't be knocked down. The four of us in our corners but can't be boxed in. I have the vision to be on the right path with twice the serenity so how can we not win we are Vikings who are ready to strike like lightning. When our pens are gripped we express until your mental shifts, giving you satisfaction through penmanship. Embrace it no need to be hesitant. We here to deliver pain, truth, light, and emotions. We giving you four doors are you ready because they're open. Our poetry combined will fix the broken. We have powerful voices with guidance from the spirit above, that's where our source is. We have that automatic chemistry that aligns with perfect symmetry. That's here to give you nothing but that positive energy. @poetryizvisual

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