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I Love Creating Alliterations

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2022, Henery X ©

Flashbacks of Family and Friends whose spirits Flew away, oh too soon. Their Bodies are now Fertilizing Mother Earth. I Find it hard to Fight Feelings of loneliness when I’m Forced to endure another day without seeing so many Familiar Faces. I can’t lie, my Faith was tested, and oh how I almost Failed. But I’d come to Far to Falter. So, I asked the Father for a sign and it came in the Form of a blooming Flower. Where there’s life, death must Follow. But in-between the two, living Flows. So, remain Focused on your lifeline, as your mind Falls into the strong current of memorable moments of old. And Forgive, due to those you never got a chance to. Because grudges breed regret, which is a Fire Fanned by Foolishness.

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my offering. The said offering was inspired after thinking of all the people who had physically been in my life, and who are now physically not. But what will never die, as long as I live, are the memorable moments we created together. Memories immortalize. So, cherish your memories. Be they bittersweet or to sweet to ever be bitter.

My goal is to do an alliteration for all twenty-six letters in the alphabet. Currently, I have nineteen done. This is a writing exercise I recommend to all those who want to sharpen their creative blade. The objective is to take twenty-six words that all start with the same letter and create a comprehensible poem, short story, or any other piece meant to encourage, enlighten, or entertain. Happy Reading and Writing, Family.

May we never lose our desire to outdo what we’ve already done.

Remember. I’m not here to convince you to believe. I’m here to offer you something else to consider.

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