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Five Popular Words Redefined

A Great Acronym Changes Everything

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My definition of a great acronym is one that's relevant to the word it derives from, and it doesn't contain the said word.

Below are five of my all-time favorite acronyms my mind has shared with me.

  1. POWER (Providing Others With Effective Resources)

For me, true success is measured by how many lives we help change for the better. Knowledge is information. Understanding is when we can have the said information work in our favor. And wisdom is when we can have the said information work in the favor of others as well. Wisdom is wealth best shared. So, if we possess wisdom but hoard it, we show we're not as wise as we think ourselves to be. My overall mission on this writing journey is to help as many people as I can, to be in a position to help themselves.

2. PRAYER (Performed Regularly Affords You Every Reward)

The power of sincere prayer is unmatched. Notice I said, "sincere" prayer. It's the sincerity in our request that will determine if we'll receive what we're asking for. Sincerity covers all the usual suspects: Belief, effort, a great attitude, and consistency. If we put in the necessary work, we'll get what we desire. But the reasoning behind the said desire, will determine our degree of karma. Contrary to popular belief karma isn't all negative, there is a such thing as positive karma. All we do is a result of time and energy, we exchange time and energy for accomplishments. If our time and energy is accompanied with good morals, our karma will be good. But if our time and energy is spent knocking others down and stepping over them to accomplished our goals, we'll get exactly what we gave. The Universe doesn't judge, it just grants the wishes of sincere prayers, as well as redirects the energy used to obtain them right back to us. So, it would be wise when we pray with sincerity, our reasoning is free of ill intent towards others.

3. INSPIRE (Individuals Networking Successfully Producing Insightful Revelations Easily)

We all bring a certain skill set to the table of opportunity. Unfortunately, there are others who possess the same skills. Those who have invested time and energy into advancing the said skills, will get their time to shine more often than not. The primary objective of a team is to have the best players, so victory is more likely to occur with ever game played. When we trust that the people surrounding us are doing what they do best and to the best of their abilities, we'll accomplish our goals more often than not. Winners never concern themselves with how the victory was won, they're just appreciate the fact they're apart of the celebration.

4. HUSTLER (Humbly Understanding Solutions That Leave Everyone Rich)

A true hustler is one who realizes he or she didn't get where they desire to be on their own, so, they share the wealth. Be it financial support or wise words that will help further along progress, they don't hesitate to offer assistance. A person who can only see himself or herself eating will eventually starve. We must never lose sight of the fact that how people are partially responsible for our rise, they can be completely responsible for our fall. No matter how great our product or service may be, they'll eventually mean nothing if we forget to remember those who chose to never forget about us. When we ensure everyone's plate has the same amount of food on it, we'll never need to worry about anyone plotting to steal our portions.

5. WEALTHY (When Earnings Allow Labor The Happiness Yearned)

When you're rich, you still work for the money. When you're wealthy, the money works for you. Some rich people spend unnecessarily. While the majority of wealthy people spend when it's necessary. Some rich people fight hard to become wealthy, while most wealthy people do everything in their power to never become rich again. But rather you're out to be rich or wealthy, be sure you safeguard your soul in the process. Because no amount of money can buy back a soul once it's been sold.

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my words.

May we never lose our desire to outdo what we've already done.

Peace, Love, and the utmost Respect.

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