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Fashion Princess

A short story

The only person who can stop a determined mind is the possessor of the said mind. — Henery X

Fashion Princess

2022, Henery X ©

Seventeen-year-old Autumn Reign Parker has been drawing since she was seven-years-old. She was so good that people would pay her to do portraits of them. And I’m not talking about a couple of dollars, but a few hundred dollars. She was making so much money that her proud parents opened her a bank account, which they planned to manage until she turned eighteen. She always purchased all her art supplies, which thrilled her to no end.

Though she could immortalize anything or anyone on a piece of paper or canvas, unique dresses were what she loved giving life to most of all. Like with everything she drew, the said dresses were so lifelike, and they all displayed details that enhanced their already appealing appeal. No other eyes but hers had seen the drawings in question until she showed one to her aunt, who was a master seamstress. Autumn had shown no one the drawings of the dresses because she intended to share them with the world by creating them, and then wearing them.

Summer, 2016

Autumn was at her favorite aunt’s home, which was where she loved spending her free time most of all.

“Auntie, please teach me how to create dresses,” ten-year-old Autumn said. She was standing beside her aunt, who was putting the finishing touches on a custom ordered dress.

“Becoming a seamstress isn’t easy, Lady Reign,” forty-five-year-old Melissa Nelson-Jones said. She glanced over at her niece, looked into her beautiful face, and smiled. She then placed her attention back on what she was doing. She was the only one who referred to Autumn in the manner she did.

“I know, Auntie. But I want this, sooo bad.”

“Why do you want it, sooo bad?” Melissa chuckled.

“Because I have some dresses I’d like to create.”



"Have you already drawn up these dresses? ”

“I have.”

“Why haven’t you shown them to me?”

“Because I haven’t shown them to anyone, Auntie. I want everyone to see them after I’ve created them, and I wear them.”

“That sounds awesome, Lady Reign. I’ll help you under two conditions.”

“Name them, Auntie.”

“First, I need to see one drawing.”

“Alright, Auntie.”

“Second. If you ever slack off, just one time, the journey ends.”

“It's a deal, Auntie.”

The following week, Melissa began sharing with Autumn all she needed to know about being a master seamstress.

Like her aunt had told her, it wasn’t a simple journey, but Autumn's desire was greater than the conditions. She had to discontinue doing several things she once loved doing, mainly hanging out with her friends. But she concluded there’ll be plenty of time to create memorable moments with her friends, after she accomplished her goal. She looked forward to doing nothing more than being enlightened about becoming a master seamstress.

It impressed Melissa how determined her niece was to accomplish her goal. She was pleased she could assist her. Their time spent together brought up memories of when her mother was enlightening her on the craft. She had possessed the same drive Autumn now displayed.

Summer, 2021

Fifteen-year-old Autumn had just finished creating her first dress. All the material was purchased with money from her bank account, which held a hefty nest egg. Her proud parents had turned one of the spare rooms in their home into an art studio for her, which now doubled as a dress making space as well.

Autumn had asked everyone she cared about to come to her parents' home. She wanted them all to see what her hard work and commitment had produced.

Everyone was sitting in the living room of the house she has called home her entire young life. They were all eating snacks, drinking punch, engaged in various conversations, and eager to see what one of their favorite young people had created.

Then, the space became eerily quiet, as the teenager of the hour came down the staircase looking like a vivid dream. Her pink dress was a sight to behold. Everything about it just screamed originality, style, commitment, and love. Everyone present stood to their feet and gave Autumn a well deserved round of applause. She was smiling uncontrollably, as she slowly twirled so they could take in all her handiwork. She then ran up to her aunt Melissa, rested her head on her stomach, and wrapped her arms around her waist.

“Thank you, Auntie,” Autumn said. She cried tears of joy.

“It was my pleasure and honor, Lady Reign.” Melissa wrapped her arms around her niece, and she couldn’t contain her own tears of joy. She had never been more happy about anything else in life. Not even creating her first dress many years ago could compare with this moment.

The end.

The moral of the story: To accomplish a major goal, the help of others will be mandatory. But to achieve the said help we’ll need to show that we’re truly committed to our cause. When we show people that their time will be well spent, they’ll be willing to invest it in us without hesitation. What are you willing to sacrifice to live your dreams? If it’s not everything that has nothing to do with the journey, then your dreams will more than likely remain just that... dreams.

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