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Don’t Become A Social Media Misfit

To Be Seen, Show Others’ That You Can See

On social media, so many are anti-social. They expect you to like and comment on their efforts but aren’t willing to donate that same time and energy when it comes to others. No matter how impressive our efforts are, if we’re not ready to genuinely show love and attention to others’ efforts, they’ll eventually become irrelevant. Energy needs to feed and be fed; one-sided affairs leave us feeling used. Engagement is vital to the life of popularity; we can’t get so caught up in the attention we receive, that we lose sight of the fact that others desire the same thing. Show your appreciation by showing others they, as well as their efforts, are much appreciated.

The appeal of our effort, as well as recognition of the fruit of others labor, will determine the level of popularity we’ll reach. So, we should just remain focused on perfecting our craft, as well as genuinely acknowledging the efforts of others because everything else is going to do what it does, regardless of how we may desire it to be.

We all need to feel as though we matter to more than just those we think we matter to, some more than others, if not, why come to social media at all. Attention is like a drug; some get high off of it, while others need it to heal. For some, social media is where they can come to feed their attention-starved egos, while for others, it’s where they come in search of another reason to live. Let us all begin and continue to move about social media accordingly. This space can be the most beautiful place on the planet if we keep it free from the ugliness that preys on the planet.

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