• Henery X (long)

Do You Really Believe?

Strange Pairings That Work Well Together For A Greater Good

On the fifty-fourth floor of Opportunity Central the president, Success was having a meeting with his vice-present, Doubt. As usual, they both were dressed to impress as they discussed matters of utter importance.

"So, Doubt. I gave Universe a progress report of the results of our efforts last year, and He was quite impressed," she said with enthusiasm. She sat behind her well-organized mahogany desk, in a leather executive chair. The fifty-year-old didn't look a day over thirty, stress-free living had a lot to do with her appearance.

"That's awesome news, Success," Doubt said cheerfully. The forty-five-year-old sat before the desk looking like a he could be Billy Dee William's twin brother. "Hundreds of thousands of people actually desired to live their dreams, that's always a beautiful thing."

"Agreed, my friend. Numbers were way up from last year, but they most definitely can, and should, be higher."

"You're right, Success. But with our standards so high, not everyone is willing to do what it takes."

"Well if anything, our standards won't decrease, but increase considerably. It's bigger than a momentary victory, future generations of phenomenal stories will be determined by what transpires in the here and now."

"Agreed. So, who's a the top of the list for today?"

Success picked up a sheet of paper from atop her desk, "Ms. Jacqueline Parker. She's a forty-year-old divorced mother of twin sons. She the private secretary of John West, attorney at law. Though she likes her job, she longs to someday be her own boss. She loves to cook and bake, so she's thinking of running a restaurant. Her primary concerns are lack of capital, as well as a lack of belief from people she loves in her dream."

"Sounds typical enough," Doubt said nonchalantly.

"She truly believes she wants it, Doubt. She believes that if it wasn't for her two setbacks, she could actually pull it off."

"You feel her desire that strongly, Success?"

"I do, Doubt. This is the reason why she's number one on the list."

"Alright then, how do you want me to proceed?"

"I want everyone on board for this one."

"Wow! Everyone huh? This is a really big deal."

"It is. Like I stated earlier, future generations of phenomenal stories will be determined by what transpires in the here and now."

Doubt rose to his feet, "I'll ensure that everything is carried out as it should be."

"I have no doubt that you will, no pun intended," Success and Doubt chuckled. She handed Doubt a manila folder. "That's all you'll need to push her desire to the brink. And Doubt, don't be gently in no shape, form or fashion."

Doubt chuckled, "Now when have you ever known me to be merciful? This is why you made me the vice-president, because you know I'm going to get the job done."

"An here I was thinking I hired you because of your good looks," Success said playfully, she and Doubt chuckled.

"Such a constant flirt. One day I'm going to take you seriously and ask you out." Doubt turned and proceeded to walk towards the door.

"Promises, promises," Success said, she laughed afterward.

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