• Henery X (long)

Do You Believe? The Conclude

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Strange Pairings That Work Well Together For A Greater Good

Doubt found himself once again sitting before his lovely superior, Success. He had given her a progress report about Jacqueline Parker-Walker, which was established by Opportunity Central’s top three employees.

“Let the team know I said a great job, Doubt,” Success chirped. As usual, she was looking stunning, sitting behind her well-organized desk.

“Will do, beloved. I guess it’s safe to say that Kevin Gordon is out of Jacqueline’s life.”

“I believe you’re right, Doubt. Jacqueline doesn’t need a man in her life who doesn’t believe in her anyway; he’d just eventually bring her down.”

“Exactly. Now Jacqueline’s in the valley of decision. Are you still feeling her desire as you originally did?”

“No, it’s gotten stronger, she’s going to make it happen, Doubt. I feel it in my bones.”

“So, I know, as you know, Universe already knows the outcome. Has He, by chance, shared it with you?”

Success chuckled, “Against policy, Doubt. The only thing He shares with me is the most promising candidate whose desire I feel instantly.”

“I see. Well, I’m hoping we’ll have a reason to celebrate soon. As always, I’m always rooting extra hard for those you’re rooting for.”

Success smiled uncontrollably, “You sure say some of the sweetest things to me. If I didn’t know any better, I’d believe you were hitting on me, and not just being charming.”

“I thought that you knew that I am. Success, I’ve been in love with you from the moment you decided we should work together,” Doubt said smoothly.

“Oh, my. Well, since we’re confessing truths here. I felt the same way after we officially met for the first time. I was attracted to your ability, which, as we both know, is the opposite of mine.”

“Opposites attractive,” Doubt said cheerfully, he and Success laughed.

“So, where do we go from here, Doubt?”

“Dinner,” Doubt said smoothly, he displayed a winning smile afterward.

Success was smiling uncontrollably; she liked the man sitting before her a lot.

Jacqueline was discussing her self-sufficient desire with her 15-year- old identical twin sons, Malik and Malcolm, who was without question her biggest supporters. Since day one of her telling them about her dream, they have been telling her to go for it; in fact, it was due to their encouragement that she decided she’d never give up.

They were in the living room area of the house they called home. The boys sat a the sectional sofa, while their Mother lounged in her favorite recliner.

“I wanted to discuss with you two what I’m planning on doing since it involves you, I’ve never kept anything from you,” Jacqueline said, she stared at her sons in a manner only a mother could.

“That’s one of the countless reasons why we adore you so, Mother,” Malcolm said. Though he and his brother possessed the same handsome face, that’s where their similarities ended; they were literally like night and day. The only other thing that was identical about them was the love they had for their Mother, which was unconditional.

“Right, Mom. Your honesty has always put us in a position to make wise decisions, you’ve never pulled any punches, and we greatly respect you for that,” Malik said.

“You two are just the sweetest pair. So, here’s my plan. I’m going to use a large portion of my savings, and I want to use your college money I’ve established thus far, which is a total of twenty-eight thousand dollars. So, the total would be two hundred and forty thousand dollars. The building I want to buy cost three hundred thousand dollars, as you can see, it’s going to be a problem. Because in addition to the building, there are many other things to consider. Thoughts?”

“First, I think I can speak for Malcolm when I say anything we have is due to you choosing life for us, so with that being said,