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Do You Believe? Part 3

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Strange Pairings That Work Well Together For A Greater Good

What made Fear, Failure, Frustration, and Doubt so effective was the fact they could possess the minds of pessimistic people, especially those closest to people who were out to be self-sufficient. All it took was just a speck of negativity and they could overtake not only just one person’s mind, but countless people, and all over the world as well. They were granted such ability thanks to The Universe, who was a big fan of people pursuing their dreams, but never wanted them to be obtained easily. He always told Success and company that struggle built character, while ease, pertaining to being self-sufficient, deteriorated the will, which eventually killed the desire.

The plan was that Frustration would overtake the mind of Stacy Simpson, who has known Jacqueline since they were children. Fear would have Kevin Gordon expose more of his truth, which would make him less appealing by the minute. While Failure would work from the mind of Jacqueline’s older brother, David Parker, who was someone she loved dearly.

Stacy Simpson once had the same drive Jacqueline now has, until she placed all her time, effort, and money in a venture she was never meant to succeed in, so; she didn’t. This failed attempt, which was really nothing more than a test of her desire, left her so devastated that she vowed to never think about the thought of being self-sufficient again. She went back to helping someone else get more prosperous, and was attempting to convince Jacqueline to give up on her dream every moment she had to do so.

David Parker had a promising career as a singer/songwriter; music was once all he thought of until one night he got behind the wheel of his vehicle, intoxicated. The price for his poor judgment was him totaling his vehicle, spending a year in the hospital recovering from his injuries, another two years in rehab learning how to walk again, and losing the ability to speak correctly, due to damaged vocal cords. Not being able to sing left him bitter and broken. So, instead of seeing that he was blessed to still write, he saw himself as nothing more than a failure, with no real purpose in life.

Jacqueline asked Stacy, Kevin, and David to come to her home. She decided she was going to give them all one last chance to change their minds about investing in her dream. She really wanted them all to be a part of the moment. They were all in the spacious, eye-catch living room portion of her home.

“Jac’, I will not help you experience the type of pain I did after my failed attempt. Nope, not going to do it. I love you too much, I’m just not going to do it,” Stacy said sternly, but it was really Frustration hard at work, she had total control of her host mind. Like Kevin and David, forty-seven-year-old Stacy lounged on a leather sectional sofa. Like her closest female friend, she was easy on the eyes, in every aspect of her physical appearance.

“I’m with Stacy, Jac’,” Kevin chimed in, but his words were all Fear’s, who felt right at home in the mind of this man. “Think about the boys. If this doesn't work, what about their college funds?” He was a handsome man with short wavy hair, clean-shaven, and was dressed to impress. Most definitely didn't look like a man that was having financial problems.

“I am thinking about my sons, Kevin, and my thoughts are on securing a means to provide the brightest future possible for them. Stac’, just because you didn’t make it, doesn’t mean I won't. Have you ever considered that owning your own daycare center wasn’t meant to be? Maybe you were meant to be a schoolteacher or a mentor to young women. Have you ever thought about any of that?”

Stacy waved a hand at Jacqueline and rolled her eyes. “Whatever, Jac’. I was supposed to open that daycare center. People just made promises they didn’t keep. Girl, you are good at your job. Stop this foolish thinking of being your own boss.”

“Foolish thinking? It’s foolish for you to think I’m good at a job where I’m helping someone else get richer. I’m thankful for my job. It ensures I have the necessities for myself and the boys. But never think I’m content with just settling because I understand I have so much more to offer.”

“Well Jac’, I will not invest my money in something I don’t feel comfortable with,” Kevin said sternly, though it was Fear working his magic.

“Well, it’s about time you spoke your mind, Kevin,” Jacqueline said with a lot of attitude. She gave him an icy look afterward.

“Jac’, I’m just saying…”

“Man, you’ve said quite enough. In fact, I want you to leave my home… now!”

“Okay, okay. I hope you two can talk some sense into her. I wish I would invest my money in a restaurant you’re thinking about opening. Ain’t gonna happen baby.” Kevin got up and walked towards the front door.

Jacqueline was so furious that it took every ounce of her good nature not to get up from the recliner she was sitting in and slap Kevin into the middle of next week.

“Jac’, Kevin was harsh, he didn’t have to go there. I’m going to have to pass on the investment as well. It’s not that I don’t believe in you, because I do. It’s that I no longer believe in dreams coming true, and you shouldn’t either.”

“With all due respect, Stacy, get your behind up out of my home before I forget I’m a lady.” Jacqueline was pissed, and her facial expression let her friend understand this without question.

“Alright, Jac’. I’ll leave, but…”

“Woman, if you don’t get up and get to step…”

Stacy jumped up and began moving towards the front door swiftly.

“The nerve of that bitch and that bastard,” Jacqueline said angrily. “Excuse my language, big bro. I’m just really pissed right now.”

“You alright, sis. Hey, you have a right to be upset. I’m just hoping you don’t get more upset due to me,” David said in a low tone. The damage done to his vocal cords left him speaking no louder than a whisper. “I believe in you. I believe in your dream. But what I don’t believe in is me. I’ve failed you. I was supposed to be this big superstar that was going to take care of you and my nephews, but because I made a stupid mistake, it cost me everything.” Failure was working his magic through his host.

Jacqueline immediately forgot about how Kevin and Stacy made her feel, and focused on how she felt about her brother. “David, you didn’t lose everything. You still have me, your nephews, and your ability to write,” she whispered.

“I’ll do nothing pertaining to writing again. The pain I feel numbed my senses to everything, outside of the love I have for you and the twins. My decision not to invest in your dream is because if it doesn’t go according to your plan, I’ll believe that it was because of my involvement. I couldn’t live with myself knowing that my money meant to help you, failed you.”

“David, I’d never…”

“I made my mind up, sis. I’m sorry, but I just can’t do it. I can’t. I’ve failed you once, I’m a failure, and anything I’m involved in is going to fail because of it,” David began to weep.

Failure was pulling no punches.

The conclusion tomorrow

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