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Do You Believe? Part 2

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Strange Pairings That Work Well Together For A Greater Good

Doubt asked the top employees of Opportunity Central to join him in the conference room; he wanted to get started on Success’s top prospect, immediately. He loved his job, because contrary to popular belief, he loved to see people live their dreams. His idea was anything worthy of having, should never be given, but earned. He felt that the effort established the proper appreciation, and he and his team represented the ultimate form of resistance, designated to test desire to its core. When those who stood firm in their belief, despite the most significant opposition, and achieved their goal, he cheered and applauded more than anyone else.

Doubt stood at the head of the long mahogany table of the spacious, impressive-looking conference room. Sitting before him, in three of the many leather executive chairs, was Fear, Failure, and Frustration, who were without question great at getting to the heart of the matter.

“So, Doubt, this must be one of those special cases?” Frustration said. She was a sight to see; indeed. Several male co-workers attempted to get closer to her, but she was business-minded and chose not to mix pleasure with this, which she considered a bad idea.

“Indeed, it is, Frustration. Success really believes in this woman. So, as we all know, when she takes a personal interest in someone, this means Universe has spoken with her about them.”

“The big boss rarely intervenes in our affairs, but every time He has, He’s been spot on,” Fear said. He was the youngest present, but on countless occasions, he has proven that age isn’t anything but a number. Like Frustration was the fan-favorite of the male population of Opportunity Central, Fear was all the women talked about when the conversation wasn’t business-related, and he loved the attention.

“Right, Fear. The Universe is the first one to hear hopes and dreams, then He relays them to the lovely Success,” Failure said. He and Doubt were the same age, and they were the best of friends. Most times, Failure was the only presence necessary to have people give up on what they claimed to want. He was a smooth dresser, as well as talker, his way with words left most that heard them discombobulated, which included his boss, Success, who did her best to avoid being alone with the charismatic man among men.

“So, Fear, you see why we need everyone on board with this one. Ms. Parker could ensure more victories are made possible; that’s if she doesn’t give up. As we all know, our primary aim is to show that it won’t be easy. Once it’s understood that struggle is ordained, more people will expect it, and our jobs will get a lot easier.”

Everyone laughed at the latter part of Doubt’s response.

“Oh, how we all wish that were true, Doubt,” Frustration chirped, “But it just won’t be that simple, so many just aren’t ready to win for themselves, regardless of what they’ve convinced themselves of.”

“Unfortunately, you’re right, my lovely friend,” Doubt said smoothly, “But a few hundred thousand more victories than last year is better than a few hundred. Anyway, here’s the game plan, family.”

Everyone listened attentively as Doubt explained how he wanted them to proceed with Ms. Jacqueline Parker-Walker, who was in for the experience of her life.

After ensuring that her children were fed and given an ample amount of time before they were asked to go to their rooms, Jacqueline Parker-Walker retired to the library of her three-story, four-bedroom home. The place in question is where she came to think, and what she thought about most was being her boss. It was an obsession. The drop-dead gorgeous woman’s tall, voluptuous frame displayed a T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. This was her after-work, after a long hot shower attire. She was lounging in a leather executive chair, and behind a well-organized washed oak desk. Sitting before her on the desk was her business plan. It took her two years to get it where she wanted it. She wanted nothing else in life more than to own her own restaurant.

“How can everyone not see what I see,” Jacqueline said softly, she shook her head out of frustration. “Why can’t they see I’m not trying to depend on any bank to finance my dream? I want those I love to benefit from this venture. Why can’t they all see what I see?”

A landline sitting on the desk rang; she pressed the speaker button.

“Hey, baby,” the booming baritone of a man said smoothly.

Jacqueline smiled uncontrollably after hearing the voice she knew oh so well. “Evening, Kevin,” she whispered.

“So, how was your day?”

“Helping someone else get richer.”

Kevin chuckled, “You must be in the library?”

Jacqueline chuckled, “You already know.”

“Would you like some company?”

“Are we going to talk about the benefits of you investing in my dream?”

“What I have in mind doesn’t involve talking at all,” Kevin said smoothly. He chuckled afterward.

“Not interested. Well, at least not tonight, that is. I have a lot of thinking to do. Some tough decisions to make.”

“Jac’, I’m not saying that you don’t have a great idea. I’m saying that the timing isn’t right.”

“For you or me, Kevin?”

“For us, baby. I’m having financial troubles, though minor right now, that’s subject to change.”

“You just said I have a great idea, but it’s not great enough for you to take a chance on, a chance that could eliminate your financial troubles completely.”

There was an awkward silence. It was as if Jacqueline’s response ran Kevin off to the hills.

“Still with me, Kevin?”

“You sure know how to make a guy feel guilty, Jac’. You know if I could, I would,” Kevin said somberly.

“I know you can, but you won’t, and I’d hate to think it’s because you really don’t believe in my ability. That would really hurt me to find that out, Kevin.”

“Jac’, I….”

“I’ll talk to you later, Kevin. Goodnight.” Before Kevin could respond, Jacqueline discontinued the call.

“Financial troubles. Yeah, right.” Jacqueline said angrily. “You think that if you invest in my dream, you’ll eventually have money problems because of it. I can’t be with a man who doesn’t believe in me, especially when I believe in him one thousand percent. If the roles were reversed, I’d be all-in with whatever you were thinking about doing. Because not only do I know of your abilities, I understand and believe in them as well. So, do I really need you and your imagery financial troubles in my life? I have a lot of thinking to do. Some tough decisions to make.”

To be continued.

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