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Divine Intervention

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Based On A True Story

Photo by chris ganser on Unsplash

As we’re going through the blizzard, we won’t see the blessing until we’re on the other side. — Henery X

When I was in my early twenties, I used to love driving fast. I used to rise from rest early in the morning, get in my car, turn the music up, hit the open freeway, and push the petal to the metal. I had a real need for speed. It was one of my greatest addictions at the time.

One sunny afternoon, in 1986, I was on the freeway driving my super charged 1977 Cutlass Supreme, as if I was the only person present. I was doing well over the speed limit, as I swerved and swayed through traffic. I pictured myself in the Indianapolis 500, and with the finish line just yards ahead of me. The said mental vision was what I always saw when I drove on the freeway, I was always in a race for the finish line. Anywho, I began to decrease my speed because I was coming up on my exit.

Shortly after having exited the freeway, the front left tire of my car broke off and went rolling down the street. I was in the process of going to visit a friend, so the right front tire of my car ended up on the grassy curve at the end of the street he lived on. The funny part about this situation, I was more upset about the tire situation, than I was joyful to still be alive. In fact, I never thought about how the tire could have came off while I was on the freeway. It’s strange the things that matter most to us when we possess a Matrix Mindset, huh?

The friend I was on my way to visit was on the front porch of his house. Seeing he knew my car, plus he knew I was on my way to see him, he ran down to see what had happened. When he arrived, I was standing to the left of my car, desperately attempting to figure out how this had happened. After the small talk was out the way, my friend wanted to have a closer look at the damage. So, I went in the trunk and grabbed the jack. Now, instead of jacking the car up from the front, it was suggested I do so from the back. This was because for one, the jack didn’t have a base, and two, putting it on the street seemed better than having it in the grassy area.

Once the car was lifted high enough in the air, my friend got on the ground and placed his head beneath it. As he was examining the damage, the car began to wobble and the jack was slowly falling towards the back of the car. I was screaming for my friend to take his head from beneath the car, but he acted as if he couldn’t hear me. I was attempting to stop the car from falling on his head, and in the process, my left hand was lying on the car, palm up, and in the path of the falling jack. My friend would eventually remove his head from underneath the car, but not until the jack had penetrated my hand. The only reason it didn’t come out on the other side was because I snatched it out, before it had the chance.

When I looked at my bloody hand I could see bone and tendons. It was bad, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. My only thought was of possibly losing my hand, which was quite naturally something didn’t want to be the case.

An ambulance was called and I was taken to the hospital, which was conveniently three blocks away from where the incident occurred. I was given a towel to wrap my bloody hand in, and as I waited in the waiting room area, which was very crowded. My friend called my mother, who along with my sister, was at the hospital quickly, seeing we lived just seven blocks away. She and my sister were crying, as was I, because I truly thought I was going to lose my hand.

I was finally seen by a doctor, who said I was very lucky. I had to get fifteen stitches, and my hand was out of commission for an entire year. At one point, I thought I’d never be able to use my hand as I once did because, my two middle fingers were stuck in an awkward position. But fortunately, the said fingers went back to working as they always had.

“The Reminder.” Photo by the author

Moral of the story: Until we have done what we’re here to do, we’re not going anywhere. The tire on my car could have broken off on the freeway and more than likely, I would have been killed. There's no such thing as a coincidence, everything happens for a specific reason. The reason why I didn’t die that day was because I had to do all that I’ve done so far, plus, I have so much more to do. And the reason why the jack went through my hand is so I’d have a reminder of the day in question, so once I became more wiser, I’d make better decisions.

With all my close calls with death growing up, it wouldn’t be until 2018, and seconds after I held my first book in my hands, that I’d believe in divine intervention. Because you see, the book in question is one I never had any intentions of writing. It was something the Most High desired for me to create and for my obedience, I was afforded the ability to live my dreams, as well as to help others help themselves, all via writing.

True success is measured by how many lives we help change for the best. — Henery X

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my offering.

Remember. I’m not here to convince you to believe. I’m here to offer you something else to consider.

May we never lose our desire to outdo what we’ve already done.

Peace, Love, and the utmost Respect.

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