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Conversation Of Love

Two People Talking Of Becoming One

Her: “If I asked you to make love to me, in all its splendid ways,

would you do so until the end of our days?”

Him: “Yes, my love.

Like the earth is below, and the sky is above,

I promise to never be regarded as a sub.”

Her: “That’s what I’m trying to hear,

I want to live in happiness, not in fear.

And not just for a moment, but every day of the year.”

Him: “You’ll never think to count me out,

because my actions will erase all doubt.”

Her: “You talk good but I pray that you perform better,

because a friend, of a friend, of a friend of mine, claims that you upset her.”

Him: “That was the old me,

besides, she and I weren’t destined to be.

That was the time you came along to set me free,

now the thought of you is the only one my mind cares to see.”

Her: “Oh how you make me blush,

and cause my blood to rush.

But we need to take our time,

before you touch my body, you must first stimulate my mind,

give me a reason to ignore all the warning signs.”

Him: “If you were to leave,

I would grieve.

Because I’d be dead inside,

my heart is where you reside,

my love for you will never be denied.”

Her: “I felt that there,

for me, you’re like a breath of fresh air,

when you’re near, I can’t help but stare,

no other could ever compete or compare.”

Him: “That’s nice to know, but I already knew;

because it’s all that you show.

See, I pay attention,

to all, you never need to mention.

I feel your thoughts like music played instrumental,

in other words, I’m in tune with your mental.”

Her: “Enough said,

it’s time that we wed,

because I’m ready to do more than just sleep in my bed.”

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