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Conscious Mind -vs- Subconscious Mind

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The majority of what we do is done from the subconscious level, which is where thinking is carried out... without thinking about it. Two examples: walking, and talking. We're thinking about doing these two things when they're being done, but we're not pondering about doing them. It's pondering that separates conscious, and subconscious thinking. Where the subconscious is free of pondering, consciousness... is all about pondering. Like on the subconscious level, our decisions on the conscious level are based on our understanding of logic and reason. But on the conscious level, we're really thinking, aka... pondering. This is when we do our best thinking when we truly have to. Our focus is razor-sharp because we want to present our best ideas, as well as perform at our very best. So we take our time and really think about the best course of action to take, to bring out the desired result. The awesome thing about conscious thinking is that it will eventually become a part of the subconscious way of thinking, meaning it'll be done without us pondering about doing it. Some may call this second nature or habit. Me, I call it as I see it, which is: the subconscious way of thinking, which is thinking without pondering.

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