• Henery X (long)

Confession Of A Ghostwriter

Everything Isn't Always As It Seems

At your verbal battles,

I play the shadows,

even though I'm the creator of the tales you tattle.

No one will ever know,

that not only do you not write -what you recite, but also,

that you don't even possess your own flow.

As long as you and I know what's real,

I could care less about how others feel,

even though my name isn't associated with your record deal,

I still get half of that mill'.

In your phone,

you have me listed under unknown,

in mine, I have you listed as my rap clone.

I'm just fine with our arrangement,

because from where I sit,

I'm 95% responsible for that platinum plus hit.

Take me out of the equation,

and there goes your power of persuasion,

doing it your way is a thought you think during that heavy drinking occasion.

I'm that safe bet,

and though we have never officially met,

connecting with me is a decision you'll never grow to regret.

I brought about clarity,

turned hope into prosperity.

You were lost but found,

the second you decided to pick me up, and the moment you put the pen down.

I studied this trade,

learned from the mistakes that were made,

and for my effort, I received more than just a passing grade.

I graduated the best in my class,

this is how you can go from last to first so fast,

your bright future is due to my dark past.

And there's never a need to feel some type of way,

because there's a hundred more just like you that pay me to write what they say.