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Choose To Live

I think I've lost my way/because I no longer desire to listen to a word I have to say/I pray. But what is it that I'm praying to?/Is it the same Force that resides inside of You?/Should I stay on the path, or choose a different course?/Of course. The choice is mine to make/like my Life is mine to Live, or mine to take/I heard a crack, is my will about to break?/Say it ain't so/somebody on High, come and pull me up out of the low. I'm begging please/and though I'm not on my hands and knees/I genuinely need your assistance, I just don't want to accept it with ease. I'm willing to work if You can help me see that it's worth it/Life is a gift, but I know it's not perfect. But most times, perfection is what I strive to see/because I'm expected to be/a better version of myself. Every single day/isn't this the American way?/Isn't this the way, to keep my blue skies from turning gray? The bar is set high/and I can't lie/some days that I Live, I pray that I die. Then someone always comes along and gives me a reason/to continue breathing/saying so many would-be devastated, due to my leaving. So instead of taking my last breath/I thank God for the breath I have left. Choose To Live. Please.

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