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In a crowded fancy Manhattan restaurant: Life, Time, and Living had just finished eating properly prepared meals. They were now engaged in conversation and as usual...Life was bragging and boasting about his level of importance.

"Without me...you two would be irrelevant," Life said boldly, he chuckled afterward.

"We could make the same claim...Life," Time said softly, she flashed her arrogant friend a spectacular smile afterward, "But we don't."

"That's because it wouldn't be true, beautiful."

"No, it's because we're not caught up on ourselves like you...Life," Living said.

Life waved a hand at his two friends, "Whatever you two."

"We give you meaning Life, so...this makes us all relevant," Time said.

"Time is right, Life," Living said with the utmost confidence, "One without the other...makes no logical sense."

"Valid points, my beloved friends. But honestly, wouldn't you both agree, that out of the three of us...I'm most important?"

Time and Living were about to address Life's question but were cut short by the manifestation of a much more commanding presence.

"I was sitting over at the bar, and I couldn't help but overhear your portion of this conversation...Life," Spirit said calmly, "How quickly you forget about me, as though I don't exist. You—"

"Spirit I—"

"Be quiet Life, it's time that I taught you a lesson. Sure, you are very important in the grand scheme of things. But you're not, nor will you ever be...the most important. The title of most important, I can't even proclaim, and I possess more importance than all three of you...combined."

"But Spirit—"

"Be quiet and listen Life," Time said softly.

"Thank you, my dear," Spirit said, "Now, as I was saying...before I was so rudely interrupted. I can't even proclaim the title of most important, even though I possess more importance than all three of you...combined. Without me, none of you would exist. But though this is true, without Universe...I wouldn't exist. Like yourselves, I'm just a fragment of our leader, teacher, and guide. It's my duty to ensure that each one of you, are performing yours accordingly."

"Everything you just said is true, Spirit. But I still feel that I hold more weight than Time and Living."

Spirit began to slowly shake his head, as he glared at Life, "Life...you make things so difficult. And the funny part about it, you know that your attitude is unwarranted."

Then, without warning...everyone in the restaurant fell into a deep sleep. A presence more commanding than Spirit appeared and was looking over the motionless quartet. The presence in question then waved his hand, and purpose was restored into His four representatives.

"My Lord," all four representatives said in unison.

"Sometimes a drastic measure is necessary to establish logic," Universe said, "I am the giver and the taker. Above me, there is nothing. Yet, I don't flex my authority unless it's absolutely necessary. Life, you are no more important than your three comrades. All of you were designed to work as one and to express the presence of something much greater than you all. Look around, everyone here is sleep, just as you four once were. Do you possess such power, Life?"

"No, My Lord."

"Do you possess the power to awaken them, Life?"

"No, My Lord."

"All of you, am I the only one that possesses such power to awake those who are asleep?"

"Yes my Lord," all four representatives said in unison.

"So, why do you persist to be so difficult..Life?"

"Please forgive me, My Lord," Life said in the humblest manner possible, "I just get so caught up on myself at times."

"The excuse you offer is weak, and weakness...isn't tolerated. You know better, so you understand what you're expected to do better."

"Yes, My Lord."

"This is my first time intervening in your affairs, and I'm only doing it...because I grew tired of your disillusioned behavior. If I'm made to appear again Life...you'll be made to regret it. Am I making myself perfectly clear?"

"Indeed you are, My Lord."

"Excellent. Now, Spirit. Give Life a hand at showing Living...just how awesome Time is."

"Yes, My Lord," Spirit said.

Universe then disappeared, and everyone else in the restaurant was back awake.

"Checkmate!" Spirit, Time, and Living all said in unison...they laughed afterward.

Life lowered his head, and he began to laugh hysterically.

The End

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