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Certain People Give A Good Word A Bad Name

Capitalism in its simplest form means to capitalize on an opportunity. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with capitalism because we capitalize on our talents, every day. What gives capitalism a bad name is the opportunities people choose to capitalize off.

Example of negative capitalism: A man is the only one who knows where there’s an endless supply of freshwater, in a town where water is seemingly scarce. Instead of sharing what he knows with his fellow neighbors, he decides to capitalize on his knowledge, as well as the opportunity, by selling the water for an outrageous price. For one, he realizes that the water is a necessity, and two, for said necessity he understands that the people will pay his price.

Negative capitalism is usually fueled by greed, which is the ultimate form of selfishness. Selfishness corrupts, and corruption destroys any hope of something good being established.

Now, I want to offer an example of positive capitalism: I write pieces designed to offer different perspectives, with the intent of helping others to live their best life. If my objective is made manifest then I may be deemed an asset, while possibly obtaining an asset in the process. The fair exchange has never been regarded as a robbery. When both parties can walk away satisfied, this is known as proper human etiquette. The business was conducted as it should be, and a blueprint was created for future endeavors. Capitalism is capitalizing on our talents, knowledge, and opportunities in a manner that doesn’t disrespect the well-being of others.

Momentary thinkers will never see the bigger picture because the future isn’t apart of their present time, so their moves will always be mainly about themselves. But then there are those who understand that the moment is just a part of the process, so their moves will always be inspired by the greater good.

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