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Break The Cycle (Wake Up #2)

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Generational Racism Is The Problem

The fire that burns within so many and due to the blatant murders of Ahmaud Arbery, and now George Floyd, has been burning within me ever since the moment I saw the movie Roots. Said fire once burned out of control because once upon a time in America, I didn’t have control of my own mind. I was a die-hard follower, so as the crowd did, so did I. But then the day came when I decided to follow my own lead and because of this day, I would eventually become a writer.

I had no intention of becoming a writer but the Universe desired for it to be, and who am I to argue with the Highest of Powers? Anywho, as a writer, my voice can be heard around the world, and without me ever uttering a word. So now with total control of my mind, the fire within me is also controlled, and I allow it to burn freely in the form of my words.

“Since the beginning of slavery, and up to the present time, the problem with the people who oversee this country is generational racism. It’s in the police departments, it’s in the judicial system and yes, it’s even in the white house. You don’t have to believe me, just look at the facts that not past, but recent history has revealed.

Black men are being (and have been) murdered by white police, the predominantly white judicial system deems the murders justifiable (or worse, manslaughter), and the white president and his predominantly white staff regard this as “Making America Great Again (where black folks knew, and stayed, in their place).” This is not my opinion, this is all an actual fact. Those who aren’t going to lie to themselves or who aren’t a part of the problem will see this to be factual as well.

Speaking the truth is not preaching hate. Ignoring the truth is supporting hate. Ignoring the truth is applauding hate. Ignoring the truth is condoning hate. To do nothing is adding fuel to the fire of hate.

To begin to solve a problem there first has to be an admission that a problem exists. Once admission has been established, then coming up with a solution can begin. The problem, in this case, is generational racism. Generational racism is the result of perpetual hatred that begins before birth, and that continues, well after.

The Problem

Within the womb of the woman, the child begins to feel the results of hatred, thanks to it being embodied by his/her parents. As the child grows, so does his/her feelings of how his/her parents feel, but, there’s also the feeling of how they personally feel. Deep down the child doesn’t want to hate, but what other choice does he/she have when they're being raised in a household fueled by hate. So, after a certain age, the child becomes a reflection of his/her parents, who are a reflection of their parents, who are a reflection of their parents and so on.

The Solution

Generational racism is the result of centuries of uninterrupted hatred, so the solution to this problem is to create a break in the action. Sadly, the break required will more than likely not be a result of an adult who hates, seeing that once the average adult reaches a certain age, he/she become set in his/her ways. A child/children need to be the problem solver, and the younger the better. Obviously, they’ll need to be an outside source to influence the child/children on a new way of thinking, seeing that the thinking of his/her/their parents is the problem. This child or children will speak this way of being to their peers, and eventually, it’ll become contagious. That old saying “children are the future” is far from a cliche, especially in this case.

Children represent future generations, generations who don’t have to be racist, especially if we show interest in their growth and development. Like my beloved friend, Annelise Lords said yesterday, “Many of us are living on the right decisions we made 10, 20, 30 years ago, while others are failing on their wrong decisions.” Let’s decide that we’re going to start today to do what we can to influence the youth within the midst of generational racism that there’s a better way, so this way, and hopefully, it won’t take 10, 20 or 30 years for the dreaded dis-ease to finally cease to exist.

“We must become the change we desire or begin to question our level of sincerity.”

Thank you for reading my words. I hope that they spark a flame inside of you as well, we writers possess the type of power to influence global change with the right combination of words. Let your voice be read!!!!!!

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