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Are You Trying To Influence The Future?

Babies Will Soon Rule The World

I was telling my wife yesterday that every day we’re blessed to see is our future, while what we do with the said day can determine what type of future we’ll help to shape for the youth. We should be creating with the intent of leaving behind blueprints that will lead the youth in the right direction; I’m referring to the babies that are being born as you read these words. It’s never about what we have done; it’s about what we continue to do. Our work is how we immortalize ourselves; we can still make a difference; long after we have physically left this place called Earth.

Imagine a mother reading her child words you wrote, in a book you self-published a hundred years from now. Imagine this child growing up to read this same book him/her self, and basing their decisions off the words you wrote. Imagine this child as an adult, with children of his/her own and reading them the same book, their mother once read to them when they were a child. Now, stop imagining and begin to create with the intent of making this a possibility.

What we write and post on social media daily should also be an entry in our future book as well; this is how my first book came to be, and it’s how my third book will soon become a reality. We need to start documenting our work officially and what better way to do this than via a book, books are how writers immortalize themselves in the literary world.

Experience has been a teacher of multiple lessons for me, some pleasant, while others I wouldn’t wish on the cruelest person. But if I had it all to do over again, I wouldn’t change a thing, because it was all leading me up to who I am. The harder the lessons, the more valuable the blessings. See, we won’t intentionally repeat anything that caused us discomfort or that almost caused us trouble, that’s if we truly learned the lesson. Some of us have to fail tests on numerous occasions before we finally pass them, I’m one that’s guilty of such behavior. Another beautiful thing about lessons learned from experience is that they can be relayed to others, with the intent of helping them to steer clear of problems or to help lead them to success.

We’ve all received excellent advice from people we more than likely didn’t deem as such until much later in life and, after not taking said advice, led us astray. We never forget these moments because the outcome won’t allow us to, the memories are ones we wish we could forget, but they are the ones that truly make us better people. These bittersweet memories can become lifesavers for others if we decide to share them, which could open the door to a whole other career opportunity.

Motivational speakers are individuals who relay stories of triumph over tragedy — happiness over heartache. And success over sorrow. They’re people just like you and me, but unlike you and me, they stand before hundreds of thousands of people and influence them to think optimistically, while collecting a nice paycheck for doing so. Then they turn their show of courage into the gift that keeps on giving by doing more performances, creating paperback books/ebooks and DVDs, all of which inspire others while ensuring they’re able to support themselves and their families.

The power of the right combination of words can not only help save a life, but just as importantly, they change the ways of this world as well. The writer of the words might not be the one to see that the change will occur, but they will be just as responsible thanks to the said words. We writers possess the power to influence greatness via our words, but it’ll never have a chance to happen if we don’t begin to immortalize what’s written. Let’s start to write with the future in mind, not ours, but that of generations we’ll never know, but who’ll know of us, thanks to what we left behind for them.

Children are young adults in training. So instead of trying to protect them from the ways of this world, we need to start preparing them; in fact, the preparation is the protection.

If we don’t teach our children, someone else will, and this outside wisdom could wind-up hurting; instead of helping them. And never think that a child is too young to know something because guess what? Some parents are teaching their children everything, and these children are your child’s friends or soon to be friends.

We owe it to our children to raise them in a manner where they’ll respect themselves, which in turn will have them respecting others as well. We have to start looking beyond their innocence because this world is far from innocent, it’s a rough place, but with the proper guidance, our children can maneuver through it better.

Be the change you desire to see. If you want a better world, you start by being better in this world. Let’s make leaders of what’s right, and not followers of foolishness.

May our words continue to inspire others, and may we continue to be inspired by the words of others.

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