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An Uncommon Conversation

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Doubt: "You know I'm gonna make You quit this time, right?" Belief: "I know that you're going to try, and knowing is half the battle." Doubt: "What makes You so cocky?" Belief: "It's not being cocky, it's confidence. You see like You believe what You say, so it is with me." Doubt: "You're not a tad bit worried that I'm gonna sway You?"  Doubt: "In the beginning yes, I was in constant worry. You were much older and wiser, while I was very young and naive. But then I overheard your conversation with our mutual friend Experience. When he said that your actions only affect those who believe, You no longer had power over me." Doubt chuckled: "You always were a little nosy son of a gun." Belief chuckled: "You can blame that on my big sister Curiosity." Doubt: "She's supposed to be on my side, seeing that she's my lady and all." Belief: "Regardless of the relationship You two share, like You, she's not going to go against her nature. This should be self-evident from said relationship You two share. I guess it is true what they say, opposites do attract."

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