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After The 26

Writing for a Living/ain't no gold medals, ain't no blue ribbons. But oh what a feeling is felt/to know You gotta couple books under your belt. To hear people say/that after reading your words, they looked forward to seeing another day. Twenty-six letters/have never been used better. Then when they combine/lines/that define/the darkness before the shine/because this is how we truly change minds. See I'm trying to show You that I can really relate/to having less food on the plate/I had to go without, to ensure that others are. When it seemed as if I couldn't win for losing/when my Life was what it was, because of the choices I was choosing. When we get sick and tired, of being tired of being sick/is when we'll go from tenth place, to begin the number one first-round draft pick. Hear what I'm saying please/ignorance is like a deadly disease. Meant to kill any chance of a good life/it's like being surrounded by enemies with guns, and you don't even possess a pocket knife. We have to begin/to groom the hero within. And this begins with Knowledge of Self/because Knowledge of Self/is amongst the greatest forms of wealth. 

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