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A Victim Of Circumstance

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Children Deserve A Fair Chance     

The first sense we develop in the womb is that of feeling. We can’t comprehend what it is we’re feeling because of a lack of mental development, but said feeling eventually becomes a part of our very DNA, and thanks to the umbilical cord.

The umbilical cord is a direct connection between mother and fetus. So, not only does it offer a means for the fetus to receive food and drink, but it also allows for the fetus to feel everything the mother feels... everything. Therefore, when a woman is with child, she should be in the most positive environment as possible. But say her environment isn’t positive, but as chaotic as it gets. She’s frustrated, agitated, angry, etc. Her fetus will feel the same way.

Now the child is born into a chaotic world and brought up in a chaotic home environment. How is it this child won’t become a product of its circumstance, when its circumstance is all it has ever felt?

Now the mind of the child is developing more, so the feeling becomes a thought, which will dictate the action. The older the child gets, the less likely his/her mind can be changed. So, now they’re becoming everything that was felt starting within the womb and they continue to feel, within the world.

Those with degrees diagnose him/her incorrectly because they have partial knowledge of his/her overall situation, and because of the parent/parents’ neglect. Now the child is made worse via medication meant to heal, but only hurts because the situation is deeper than a simple solution.

It’s all facts, and far from fiction. Analyze this scenario thoroughly and you’ll see it’s far from a theory, based on the initial connection between mother and fetus.

Don’t allow people who don’t know your child or children’s situation to tell you why they behave as they do. We know more about our child or children than any psychologist ever could, or at least we should, anyway. Seeing our children are cared for accordingly should be a top priority of ours, seeing they had no say so in being born.

If we want to understand what our children’s problems are, we have to begin by looking at the problems within ourselves foremost. Food for thought.

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2 commentaires

Susan Hendrix
07 déc. 2019

The umbilical cord is the way the child receives his or her nutrients, but it can also transfer the emotions of his or her mother. And what I mean by that is if the mother is one that is angry all the time while she carry the child and once that child is delivered and the child exhibits the same emotions of anger where do you think the child received it from.

We all know that in the medical field the first solution to a problem is through prescription, medication which does not help the problem but only intensifies the situation more.

A parent (s) first must look at oneself and the diagnosis can be found and a prescription of…


The Passionate Individual
The Passionate Individual
05 déc. 2019

100%, pulled at the heart strings here brother. Children are a responsibility that should be taken with honor and pleasure✊🏽

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