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A Session With Myself Therapist

Who’s Going To Treat Me Better Than Me?

9:23 am, Saturday, July 25, 2020, Detroit, Michigan

I’m looking in the mirror of the bathroom of the house I call home. The act is nothing new, in fact, it has been a daily routine for over 22 years now. The reason for the said routine is to keep me honest with myself because honestly, who’s better qualified to do so. Here I ask myself the tough questions and offer accurate answers, no matter how painful they may be. So, sit back and relax as I proceed to analyze myself, with the hopes of helping myself to be a better human being. I will be represented by “Me,” while my therapist will be represented by “Myself.”

Myself: “So, Me. How are we doing today?”

Me: Things could be better but they could also be way worse, so we’re pleased with being stuck in between the two.”

Myself: “That’s a great perspective, Me. Would you say our conversations have a lot to do with our attitude?”

Me: “I would indeed, Myself. We have helped each other in ways we never thought possible. I was always looking for solutions to problems outside of self when all the while they resided within, without question we have been one another’s saviors.”

Myself: “I concur, Me. But as we know, we’re only as successful as the other goes. The advice we give is what we both desire to hear, we can literally feel each other’s needs.”

Me: “Yes, we understand this to be true. But we feel that we must acknowledge our assistance because it allows us to trust others, seeing that we trust ourselves, Myself.”

Myself: “Well, we appreciate each other, Me, truly we do. So, let’s talk about our plans for today.”

Me: “Well, they’ll be nothing different as far as what we do, just how it’s done will be new. As you full well know we’re all about trying to help others live their best life. So, we’ll be interacting with our social media family members via observing their efforts, offering compelling comments, and engaging in virtual conversations. In fact, at 6 pm EST, and in Positive Place, we’ll be conversing with a talented writer/attorney.”

Myself: “We’re looking forward to the said conversation at 6 pm. So, why do we feel the need to be so helpful when it comes to others?”

Me: “For one, it’s how we pay homage to those who helped us in our time of need. And two, it’s simply the humane thing to do. When we’re blessed, we’re obligated to be a blessing.”

Myself: “We couldn’t agree more, with that, Me. We’re really proud of each other, Me. I mean, we’ve come a long way. I remember when we didn’t want to hear a word one another had to say.”

Me: “We both remember those days well, Myself. Our egos and ignorance wouldn’t allow us to listen to our voices of reason but as we helped one another to realize, this was a necessity. We had to go out and experience that no one knew us better than we know ourselves. Regardless of who was involved in all the circumstances as well as the advice that was given, at the end of the day, the choices we made were our own. So, we eventually stopped ignoring one another and began to pay attention.”

Myself: “And the investment offered us a hefty return. Now we make our jobs not only easier but more enjoyable as well, I truly look forward to our morning sessions. So, let’s talk about our third book, The Gumbo: Food For Thought.”

Me: “Well, as you already know it’s our greatest effort from the literary standpoint. We created it, like everything else we created in the past, to awaken or accelerate the greatness within the reader (s).”

Myself: “So, do you think we hit a bullseye with our intent of the effort in question?”

Me: “That’s not for us to determine, Myself. That falls solely on the reader (s) to decide.”

Myself: “Excellent answer, Me. Well, this was another encouraging, enlightening, and enjoyable session.”

Me: “I concur. Now, let’s go get started with helping others, to help themselves.”

The session ended at 10:49 pm, and the real work began, which isn’t really work, seeing it’s such a joy. Helping others to help themselves is what we live to do. It’s such a joy to read words that confirm our effort (s) is not in vain. If we can convince just one person a day to act upon their greatness, then the day will have been a success. Big endings, always have small beginnings.

Thank you for your donation of time. I hope that your investment affords you a hefty return.

“Today and every day be good to somebody, mainly yourself.”-Henery X (long)

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