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A Result Of The Thoughts I Think

I Love Creating Alliterations

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

A Result Of The Thoughts I Think

2022, Henery X ©

Knowing Knowledge should never be just Kept concealed within, I Kick facts with Kings and Queens daily. Karma is real, so the Key is to do what’s righteous at all times. It cost us nothing to be Kind, but the act is priceless. At times I be so high off life, it feels as if I can Kiss the sky. Sitting in the Kitchen with Mother Dear, watching as she Knead dough for fresh bread with a Knack like no other. She Kindly ask me to get her the Knife, so she can cut up some fresh vegetables. We’re going to be eating good tonight and the best part, no animals had to be Killed for us to do so. I bumped my Knee after I jumped up to answer the phone. I limped over to the device and picked up the receiver. It was was Kelly, my Kindred spirit. She asked did I want to hang out with her, Kevin, Keith, Keisha, and Kim. And I said, “Sure. After dinner, I’ll give you a call.” She hung up and then there was a Knock at the front door. I walked over to the door, turned the Knob, opened it , and to my surprise, there stood Carmen, who for me, is a real Killjoy. She entered bearing Keepsakes, which she Knew my mother loved. There was no shame in her game when it came to getting a home cooked meal. She’s an ex-girlfriend, who has a great rapport with my Mother Dear.

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my offering.

My goal is to do an alliteration for all twenty-six letters in the alphabet. Currently, I have twenty-two done. This is a unique writing exercise I recommend to all those who want to sharpen their creative blade. The objective is to take twenty-six words that all start with the same letter and create a comprehensible poem, short story, or any other piece meant to encourage, enlighten, or entertain. Happy Reading and Writing, Family.

May we never lose our desire to outdo what we’ve already done.

Remember. I’m not here to convince you to believe. I’m here to offer you something else to consider.

It cost us nothing to word of mouth others. We shine, but we shine our brightest when we shine together. We must become the change we desire to see or begin to question our level of sincerity.

Peace, Love, and the utmost Respect.

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