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The Word

Updated: Feb 20

The way is in God's word, and God's word...is the only way. To correctly know said word is good, to properly understand said word is better, but to consistently be a living example of the said word...is the best.      Correct knowledge is knowledge free of flaws, it is, what it was meant to be. Said knowledge derives from a gathering of all things relevant to it, and studying it diligently until it's properly understood.      A proper understanding of correct knowledge occurs when said knowledge is working in our favor. If knowledge isn't working in our favor it's either incorrect, we have an improper understanding of it or both.      To be a living example of what we correctly know, and properly understand, means that we don't stray from it. It becomes our nature, so it'll flow naturally.      God is Love. Love is Great. Great is Glory. Glory is to correctly know, properly understand, and consistently Live as a Light of the Light, so others may see just how living life was meant to be.      The way is in God's word, and God's word...is the only way.


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