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The Power Of Love

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Alice Nelson desperately wanted a child, without question it was her greatest desire. The forty-year-old businesswoman had everything any person would want in life, except two things: a child, and a man, who would love her unconditionally, and who she could love...just the same.

At the tender age of fifteen, Alice was told that she would never be able to conceive a child, due to a rare disease she was born with. This revelation left her devastated, but she remained hopeful that said disease would someday meet with a cure. Her parents took her to doctors all around the world, but the end result...was always the same.

Alice would focus her attention on helping elderly women, which was something she grew to love, after caring for her grandmother who got extremely sick. It was her grandmother who told her that she would have a son, who would grow to be a huge success. She just thought her grandmother was being a great grandmother and didn't give to much thought to her premonition.

At the age of thirty, Alice launched her business, "Mary's Place," which was an apartment complex dedicated to caring for elderly women. It was named after her late grandmother, who told her she was going to have a son. Mary's Place became very popular, extremely fast. Because not only was it a place where women were treated like royalty, the atmosphere was pleasant, and it was extremely affordable as well.

Alice began dating and met some very interesting, and successful men. But before things got too serious, she informed the men in question that she couldn't conceive a child. And every time, said revelation...drove them all away. So, she stopped focusing on what she couldn't control and started focusing on what she could. She thought, there were more ways to have a child...without personally conceiving one.

At thirty-two, and despite the negative opinions of a social worker, Alice adopted a beautiful baby boy. The reason why the social worker tried to discourage her from adopting the baby...was the very reason why she decided to do so.

The child in question was born out of wedlock, and to parents, who didn't love themselves, so they couldn't love one another, and more importantly...their child. As a result, the child cried more often than not and was extremely agitated. The social worker saw problems ahead, while Alice...saw an opportunity to bring about a chance for change.

Alice would name her son "Alexander," which means "savior," and she was determined to see that he would live up to his name. It took some time to reverse the nine months and three weeks of negativity young Alexander endured, but thanks to the love from his mother, and her parents...he slowly began to change.

Alice began teaching her son all she felt he needed to know, and what she wasn't qualified to teach, she left up to her father, her uncles, and her older brother. Alexander was also teaching her how to be the best mother she could be, they were both teachers and students, who greatly appreciated the presence of one another.

Thanks to the love Alexander was shown, he would go on to become a successful brain surgeon. Truly living up to his name, as well as fulfilling the premonition of a grandmother he never knew, and that was made to a woman...who wasn't his biological mother.

Alice would eventually marry the man of her dreams, who fell madly in love with her after hearing the story about her son. You see, her future husband could totally relate to her story because he to was adopted, and despite the fact that those at the adoption agency... didn't see a bright future for him either. And, he was told that he wouldn't be able to impregnate a woman, due to a hernia injury he acquired when he was younger, and that went untreated because he didn't find out about it until the damage was irreversible.

The End

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