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The Real Reason

I Love Creating Alliterations

Racing against time, even though I know it's a losing battle because unlike me, it never Reaches an end. But Regardless of this fact, I continue to Run. Why? Well, I Realize that nothing I want is where I stand or where I once stood. So, I Roll down Roads less traveled with the intent of Reaching Rare destinations where Reality is the Recipe for Regal living. Regret will never have a story to tell as long as my Relationship with Resilience Remains strong. Remember, Resistance builds character, especially when we Remain true to our Resolve. The Real Reason why I'll never surrender to defeat is because belief in the Most High Redesigned my mind. Thinking Reborn, a Representative of the King of Kings, tried and true. So Righteous, that's it's always my greatest honor to serve you.

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my offering.

My goal is to do an alliteration for all twenty-six letters in the alphabet. Currently, I have nineteen done. This is a writing exercise I recommend to all those who want to sharpen their creative blade. The objective is to take twenty-six words that all start with the same letter and create a comprehensible poem or short story. Happy Writing, Family.

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