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The Power Of Collective Sincere Prayer

I’m A Witness That It Really Works Wonders

Over 8 years ago, I and three other men gathered together at 7:00 am, every day, for a year straight, and chant in unison, “We’re going to be successful,” nine times.

This was done because we all believed that the Universe is alive, and always listening to the sincere prayers of the faithful ones. As time went on, things began to happen that would be necessary to make our desire a reality, we wouldn’t realize this too much later, but eventually, it would all make perfect sense.

Long story short, out of the four of us, only one didn’t benefit from the situation. It was either due to him not having been sincere with his chant, him not doing what he was supposed to have done from the individual aspect, or a combination of the two.

Portions of my success included becoming the employee of the year at one of my former places of employment, co-creating a T-shirt company, self-publishing two books, and establishing bonds with people all over the world.

The Universe will not be mocked, nor will it honor dishonesty of as desire. When we ask for something aloud, and there’s sincerity involved, this is phase one of the process. Phase two is that there has to be sincerity in our efforts, remember, “faith without works is dead.” When we do our part, the Universe will do the rest. Though this can work from an individual standpoint, it’ll take longer, seeing that countless other things are being worked on, and worked out, as well. The more people involved, the sooner the desire has a chance of becoming a reality.

Now, the Universe doesn’t judge nor does it discriminate, it just honors the chants and efforts of the sincere believers of its power, which also includes those whose motivates are ill-intentioned. The way of the world is so chaotic because the negative forces in control understand, what the majority of us positive people know not. They’ve read “Think A Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill, and “The Secret,” by Rhonda Byrne. They believe in the power the aforementioned books claim the Universe has, they believe in collective sincere chatting for what’s desired, and they believe in putting forth the necessary individual effort to make the mission complete. But what they don’t believe, and due to their arrogance and ignorance, is in Universal Law or more commonly referred to as, “Karma.”

Like the Universe doesn’t judge or discriminate when it comes to honoring our sincere chants and efforts, it ensures that the energy we put into receiving what we desired, is that same energy we’ll eventually get back as well. It may take a day, it may take a week, it may take a month or it may take years, but that energy is coming back to all who were responsible for it, believe it to be true.

But as we positive people wait for the natural flow of things to do what it does to those not so positive people, there’s something we can do right now, that’s if we truly desire change, as I know myself and a lot more do. We can collectively chant a pray, with sincerity, at the same time, every day. The beautiful thing about this solution is that it can be done from the comforts of our homes, with no need for the internet or a phone conversation. Just say the prayer with sincerity, at the allotted time, and do things throughout your days that align with your desire, just that simple. Now, if you truly desire to see a change in this world the pray and time are below. I pray that every pair of eyes that read these words will participate because we need all the positive energy we can get.

Time: 7:00 pm EST, of course, times will vary, so check to see what time it’ll be where you are.

Prayer: “Oh Universe, we ask that you grant us all salvation from the negativity that surrounds us.”

Say it aloud, in a normal rhythm, and five times. Remember, this is phase one, and phase two is us doing things that align with our desire, which is mainly showing each other love. 

Let us begin the process tonight, and continue, even after our desire has been made manifest.

Also, remember that nothing of significance will ever come overnight, but over time, so don’t get discouraged by slow progress, just believe that our effort is not being done in vain.

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