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Suicide Prevention

So many are quick to gossip about the situation but slow to talk about a solution. I'm referring to SUICIDE, WHICH IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM, THAT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN MORE SERIOUSLY. Actually, talking isn't even the primary solution...Listening is.         

So many feel as though they don't matter in this world, based on a lack of acknowledgment of their presence. It's like they're invisible, because they're not being seen, and can't speak, because their voices aren't being heard. A simple hello, as well as donating a moment to listen, can change a person's entire thought process.  Seeming ostracized is one of the worst feelings in the world, because we all have a desire to be recognized, if for nothing more than a split second. The best way to help in this situation is to always be kind, as well as considerate.  When we're considerate of the fact that we're all going through something, some worse than others, we'll be kinder to one another. Said kindness will make a difference that we probably won't realize, but trying to make a all that should really matter.

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13 de dez. de 2019

It is awesome that there is no subject you are unwilling to write about; especially one as important as suicide. I have known people who have wanted and or tired to commit suicide. My experience is that they are speaking in their silence. It would help for us as a community to take time to notice and give more of our time to others, those we know personally and those we do not. At times, we stay hurried in the hustle and bustle of our own day to day we don't act on the silence of other people. Often times, our desire for love outside of self weigh more on some because the need to be accepted in our imperfection…

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