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Rules For Creative Writing? Wait, What!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Freedom Of Expression Is Too Wild To Tame

Rules are nothing more than other peoples’ opinions, so with this being the case, what makes their views more significant than ours? True enough, some views turn out to be helpful advice, but the receiver, not the giver, should determine this conclusion.

I’m a loyal follower of logic and reason, which has never led me astray. If the reasoning doesn’t make logical sense, I question the rationale, and if the answers still disrespect logic, I disregard it.

One of the countless popular opinions that I disagree with strongly is that of the niche audience, which isn’t even worthy of being regarded as a theory, let alone a fact. A niche audience establishes limitations, not just in the makeup of our audience, but more importantly, in our writing as well. As writers, we should desire to have the planet’s population as our audience, which is something deans and scholars would consider delusional thinking when in all actuality, their thinking about this matter is delusional.

There’s always a specific formula for achieving anything; the keyword is “specific.” Specific means the “most favorable” means to arrive at the desired destination. The reason “why” we write should always dictate “what” it is we write, seeing that it’ll be our writing that will eventually determine our audience. If we write for a specific reason, more often than not, well achieve our desired result, which is simple logic and reason, or, cause and effect.

The reason why I write is that I desire to help others realize that they’re more significant than the most considerable thought they could ever think. So, because of my “why,” encouragement, enlightenment, and entertainment make up the “what.” The three E’s above is what I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, make up the foundation of great literature. There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t seek out at least one of the three E’s daily; actually, more people seek out all three than some would care to believe.

When we know, as well as understand, our formula we can not only make bold claims such as we’ll have the planet’s population as our niche audience, but more importantly, we’ll be able to prove it as well.

I’m committed to proving specific accessible rules wrong by using logic and reasoning, which are the same things that deemed them worthy of sharing with the public. But all logic and reason are not concluded equally; what works well for some doesn’t work when it comes to others.

My advice is always to do what you love, and love what it is you do. When what we do is done from the heart, it’ll be kind of hard for it not to be heartfelt.

Happy reading/writing.

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