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Perception Is In The Eyes Of The Perceiver

As We Think And Believe, Eventually So It Shall Become

Like with everything, change begins in our minds. Seeing that the thought is the start (as well as the end) of it all, it seems only logical that to reverse our reality, we must alter how it’s regarded.

If we think there’s nothing we can do to change a condition and start to believe this disillusion, the situation will more than likely get worse before it gets better.

We need to begin to condition our minds to produce thoughts geared towards fruitful outcomes. Once we do this, then we must think of believing that the said outcomes are on their way into our lives.

Perception is in the eyes of the perceiver. Some may see the light in the photo to the left shining in the person’s eyes, while others may see the light projecting from the eyes of the person. Whichever version we choose to believe would be correct because belief is a personal opinion, but this doesn’t necessarily make it the truth.

What is the truth? I believe the truth is something that needs nothing to back it up; it can stand on its own because it’s factual. It derives from experience and is the result of a choice or lack thereof. So, in other words, our choices are our truths. What we have or haven’t done in life can’t be disputed; this is a fact. Now, why it was or wasn’t done can be up for debate. We may attempt to defend our choices in the presence of those who disagree with them, and this may be a necessity at times to maintain peace of mind. But if someone felt strongly enough to question our actions, they have already formed an opinion about the situation. So, the effort we put fort may just be in vain. Perception is in the eyes of the perceiver.

There has to come a time when no other opinion will matter more than our own. We have to begin to think and believe what was done or not done was just steps leading us to the here and now because aren’t we here now? If we think and believe our good deeds outweigh the bad ones, then our choice should be the only opinion that matters. Perception is in the eyes of the perceiver.

We live, and we learn/before we crash, and we burn/to give the next generation their turn. But it’s our duty to show them how it’s meant to be done/by never being labeled second to none. I second that notion/undying love and devotion. For all those/who choose to oppose/ the foes. Within/to doubt in ourselves is the eighth deadliest sin. Believe/that you can achieve/all that your mind can conceive. And you’ll live before you die/so says the All-Mighty Most High.

I hope that these words assist you in your present or future endeavors.

May we continue to be inspired by the words of others, and may we continue to be inspired by the words of others.

“The opportunity to grow wiser (older) is a blessing, so many people were denied due to an untimely demise. When we get frustrated with no longer being able to move as we once did, let’s recall those whose motion has been left eternally still. Celebrate life by living each second as if it were your last. So at the end of every day, it’ll be a memorable moment.”-Henery X (long)

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1 comentário

Aiysha Simon
Aiysha Simon
25 de jul. de 2020

We so often hear perception is reality... And it is, one's own personal truth.. this piece is an important read and also highlights that we have power and control in our destination with the power of intention and thought.

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