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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Lend me your ear/and I humbly ask, that You listen...and not just hear. What's about to be said/Energy needs to feed, and be fed. And this is a dish/created to grant your wish. Of being something greater/but first, You must realize that you're the navigator. On the journey, we all partake in/which is Living Life...from beginning to end. You possess/no less/than the absolute best. Means/to make all dreams. A reality/in all actuality. You're an example that dreams do come true/because your parents went through a tedious process to create You/and it's a tedious process that You must be willing to do/ to. Lead where You can/and be in high demand/when the time comes to lend a helping hand. Sacrifice is necessary for a greater good/and the good is at its greatest when we bypass what we could/and do what we should. Oh, please feel what I'm saying/I know it's starting to feel like I was listening to You, while You were praying. In the darkness of night/but I'm just a light/of the Light. Created to help You see/that You and me. Are one in the same/just a spark, from a much bigger flame. That will burn bright, with or without us/but when it's in God we trust. We can trust that we'll never be alone/because God is Love, and Love...will always lead us home.

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