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Giving In -vs- Giving Up

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

We give in to a number of things and for a number of reasons. We give in to arguments because we realize that it's best to lose the battle of who's right if we expect to win the war of maintaining a great relationship. We give in to the resistance of working out because no matter what the mind says, the body can only take so much. But giving in doesn't mean we're giving up. It's simply us being the bigger person, or us giving our bodies a well-deserved break.       Giving up means that we stop trying. That we have stopped pushing. That we have settled for less.       Life is a lesson, to pass, we must fail a few tests. We learn from our failures because we have now experienced them. Experience is the greatest teacher.        So, it's alright to give in, hey, it's expected of a wise person to do so. But under no circumstance is it ever cool to give up. Giving up defeats the purpose of having gotten started.

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2 comentarios

Susan Hendrix
07 dic 2019

Life is a test, no one ever stated it would be easy. Yes life can knock you down, and yes you may stay down at that moment, but guess what what goes down, will get back up to fight another day.

Me gusta

04 dic 2019

Grateful for the reminder that giving in is not giving up. Pressing on, knowing that, I am winning in purpose because life lessons are growth.

Me gusta
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