• Henery X (long)

Changing The Narrative

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Big Endings Always Have Unselfish Beginnings

“True success is measured by how many lives we help change for the better.”-Henery X (long)

Platinum Golden did right because he was raised right. The forty-year-old African in America was the product of hard-working parents, who were both very compassionate. So, it came as no surprise to all those who knew Platinum well when he said he’d help eliminate injustice in the United States. The said people in question were willing and ready to assist in any manner required because they understood once his mind was made up, it couldn’t be deterred.

At twenty-one, Platinum graduated from the prestigious Tuskegee University with a degree in business management. And right out the gate, he put his wisdom to work. He understood that the greatest investment he could ever make was in himself, just as he understood the second greatest investment he could ever make was in the ideas of others. So, with the help of an incredible support team, which was led by his proud parents, “Together We Win” was founded in 2004. For a ten percent stake in the businesses once they were making money, Together We Win financed the dreams of Africans and Latinos in America. In addition to the said ten percent stake in the established businesses, there was another non-negotiable stipulation required to qualify for this golden opportunity. The potential recipients had to agree, in writing, that they’d help others too be in a position to live their dreams. And now, sixteen years later, Together We Win was partially responsible for hundreds of thousands of African and Latino businesses existing throughout the United States.

Platinum and his entire staff were in the spacious conference room of Together We Win. He stood before the group of beautiful looking, well-dressed African and Latino individuals, appearing just as appealing himself. He demanded a certain level of sophistication from those he worked with, so he ensured his overall way of being was a reflection of this fact.

“Brothers and sisters. I’ve called you all here today to let you know the plan we’ve been working on for the past five years, is finally about to get underway,” Platinum said with the utmost confidence.

Everyone before him began to applaud.

“Yes, our theory is about to be put to the test. We have already helped to make countless dreams a reality, plus many more of our people are employed because of this fact. But now, it’s time to really step our game up. The injustice in this country against our people, mainly those of African descent, has gotten completely out of hand. Our ancestors' involuntary efforts created this country. Their blood, sweat, and tears are ingrained in the very soil of the place where we’re treated as if we’re trash. This country has clearly shown that it doesn’t want us, now it’s time to see if it doesn’t need us just as much.”

“That’s right, my King. It’s time to see if our absence from their economic system will make a difference or not,” a beautiful dark-skinned woman said. She was tall, full-figured, and wore her hair in dreadlocks. Her name was Betty James-Golden and she was the CEO of Together We Win, as well as Platinum’s wife of just over thirteen-years.

Everyone present began to applaud again.

“Yes, my Queen, it’s time we change the narrative. We must make the powers that be not only stop and take notice but also understand we don’t need them. Their power is fueled by the thought that we can’t survive without their assistance. We’ve already proven that not only can we survive, but excel beyond their wildest imagination as well.”

“We’re in a position to do something no one else has been able to accomplish in hundreds of years, Platinum?” A handsome, brown-skinned Latino man said.

“Exactly, Teddy. After we take all Africans and Latinos in America out of the economic system for just one month, they’ll understand not only our worth but just as importantly, our power as well.”

“It’s amazing how we’ll be able to pull this off by taking care of the needs of every working, as well as non-working, brother, and sister. We have amassed enough capital as a company, to make this happen with ease. Plus, all the businesses we’ve helped establish throughout the country have agreed to assist in this endeavor. The power of proper unity is unmatched.”

“Right and exact, Teddy. Everything is going according to our plan. But it couldn’t have happened if just one person in this room hadn’t been involved. We all showed up and showed out. Seemingly complex problems have simple solutions when we stop focusing on the wrong things. Remove egos and pride and we can look past worry, to see the life we were all destined to live.”

“Teamwork makes the dream work, my King,” Betty said cheerfully, she flashed her husband a spectacular smile afterward.

Platinum flashed his own equally impressive smile, “Indeed it does, my Queen. So family, tomorrow we’ll be moving full steam ahead on this, our grandest attempt to date. So, tell everyone close to you what’s about to transpire. Life as they now know is about to end, forever. 

Everyone present rose to their feet and began to applaud and cheer, which made Platinum put his winning smile on full display. A few minutes after the fact everyone began moving towards the door of the conference room, chit-chatting as they did so. Quite naturally the topic of everyone's discussion was what had been just discussed, which was something truly worthy of talking about.

“Betty, could you hang back please,” Platinum chirped.

“Sure thing, my King,” Betty told the women she was talking with that they’d resume their discussion later. “What’s good, handsome?”

“I adore you.”

“Awww. I adore you more, my King.”