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A Must Read
Henery X (long)


About the Author

Henery X (long) lives in Detroit, Michigan, where he was born and raised. His love of writing derived from his love of reading. Henery became obsessed with how authors could captivate his attention for hours on end, so much so he desired to possess this ability as well.

Henery’s journey as a writer began with his study of words and their meanings. He saw words could be a writer’s best friend or their worst enemy. After years of diligent study, he wrote poetry, which received significant approval. The more Henery wrote, the better he became. But it wasn’t until he stopped writing for applause that his writing would take on a life of its own.


During the studying of words and their meaning, Henery was also learning about himself and God. He viewed people, places, and things with unselfish eyes. This author realized that genuine success is measured by how many lives we help change for the best. So, Henery wrote thought-provoking perspectives that derived from his life experiences. Immediately after having changed his way of thinking, God stepped in and took control. It was then that this writer realized he was just the vessel manifesting the wishes of something greater than him, when he began to write without thinking about what was being written. As the pen captured his thought-provoking perspectives, they would grow to become his first book... Positive Energy 24/7.


Henery writes with the intent of helping others to realize, embrace, and take full advantage of their greatness.

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In The Press


 "Positive Energy 24/7... is by far the most thought provoking book, l have read in a while... This book made me think about my life... and how l could apply it and make changes... all for the better... I have passed this book along to my granddaughter... Thanks!"

Gale Carr

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